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How Chelsea Whitley Became a Mom at 17 and a Entrepreneur at 24

Her circumstances were anything but easy and her life choices may have caused others to write her off and question her destiny. Yet seven years later, Chelsea has managed to find a balance between motherhood, entrepreneurship and a life outside of it all. Find out how Chelsea manages her schedule throughout the week to ensure that she has enough time to get things done and spend quality time with her daughter. She also shares details on the tough decision she had to make between money & peace not too long ago.

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Phe Morgan Talks Pheelosophy & Overcoming Her Most Difficult Moment

So often do we take our siblings for granted. We never think twice about the shouting matches we get into with them. We take for granted their presence and a lot of times we don’t always value the friendships we have with them.  Phe opens up about the moment she realized that she was close to her brother and how the experience changed her forever. She also shares the details of her new lifestyle blog, Pheelosophy, which launches today!

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