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How Being Prepared For The Opportunities Allowed Leah Daughtry To Make History

In 2017, I watched Leah Daughtry as she shared her story on TV One. Not only did I relate to her frustration in attending networking events, but I related in her frustration with being unemployed. I thought to myself, “how can a woman who held the title of CEO of the DNC be in my shoes?” “How can she find herself sitting on the couch doing the, “ugly cry”? The ugly cry is a cry that many women find themselves doing when life becomes overwhelming.

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Becoming JESSIA: Rebelling and Returning

Jessika Harling grew up in rural British Columbia, Canada. Tofino is a small village brined by salty sea winds from the Pacific Ocean and seasoned with accounts of wayfarers who had come to the end of the road to find themselves.

At the age of two, Jessika’s main activities were singing and making sand castles. Little did she know that 22 years later she would be sharing her songs from stages around the world.

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Love Anyway & Accept Life’s Opportunities: A Candid Interview with Tricey

Life’s struggles do not define you. Every single person is given a dose of hardships and each individual must decide the type of impact their hardships will have on their destiny. If anything, trials and tribulations make your accomplishments and best days even more satisfying, and we are sure that today’s feature can attest to that.

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Myosha Talks Fashion Do's and Don'ts and Celebrities Killing the Industry

Myosha Porterie is definitely a trend setter. Born into a stylist and fashion forward family, she has always had an eye for coordination. At the age of 4 she was taught how to put color palettes together and today she is the owner of Porterie. Porterie presents simplistic, yet staple pieces that inspire women to be all they can be and dress according to their imagination. 

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How Crisis Brought Joyce Sadiku to Christ

 At eight years old, Joyce lost her mother to breast cancer. She also had to deal with losing a new step-mother in the same year as she lost her mother, and a father by whom she didn’t feel loved. Joyce tells us how these things pushed her towards Christ. 

We interviewed Joyce in 2016 and we were recently able to check in with her. Today she is thousands of miles away from home in Antigua at AUA, a Caribbean medical school. 

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5 Tips to Building a Business out of Your Passions with Fitness Influencer and Photographer Mena Darre

June 2, 2017 is a special day for Mena Darre. That’s the day she plans to take the leap and quit her day job to focus full-time on working in her passions. “No matter how busy I get, I squeeze in time for what's important.” Teaching at an all-girls charter school, Mena has learned the importance of setting a strong example for young women. Continue reading to find out how she balances all of her ambitions.

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