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Becoming JESSIA: Rebelling and Returning

Jessika Harling grew up in rural British Columbia, Canada. Tofino is a small village brined by salty sea winds from the Pacific Ocean and seasoned with accounts of wayfarers who had come to the end of the road to find themselves.

At the age of two, Jessika’s main activities were singing and making sand castles. Little did she know that 22 years later she would be sharing her songs from stages around the world.

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Love Anyway & Accept Life’s Opportunities: A Candid Interview with Tricey

Life’s struggles do not define you. Every single person is given a dose of hardships and each individual must decide the type of impact their hardships will have on their destiny. If anything, trials and tribulations make your accomplishments and best days even more satisfying, and we are sure that today’s feature can attest to that.

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