Why Breaking Generational Curses Was Life or Death for Gloria Jones

Why Breaking Generational Curses Was Life Or Death For Gloria Jones

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By: Asia

When you’re a woman, you know for a fact life has its ups and downs. Battles you win, battles you lose, and battles youʼll be fighting until the day you die. But one thing people seem to leave out is that life indeed will be hard but that is why God gave us the tools to overcome whatever comes our way. Nobody understands this concept more than Gloria Jean Jones. The 64 year old New Orleans native grew up in Donaldsonville, Louisiana; a small rural city, considered the country.

Growing Up

Most of Gloria’s young life was turmoil, näveté and just picking things up as she went along. Both she and her sisters never had mother or father figures. However, they all shared the same mother, but they each had fathers of their own. Gloria’s mother was what New Orleans folks call ignorant, self-absorbed and bitter. She drank and drank and drank, and was always at the bar. She was consecutively spewing obscenities and demanding that her children and grandchildren would leave her alone. PDA was a rarity in their household which is how the women had to learn to sustain.

A lot of Gloria’s childhood life molded her into exactly what she wanted to be now: a loving, less obscene grandmother. True ignorance and the lack of self-awareness or self-progression seemed to be personality traits that cursed the family. Gloria’s mother had it, and so did her mother’s mother. Granted, Gloria’s motherʼs grandmother was a slave. Chattel slavery revealed a different type of anger and bitterness amongst people. Its huge impact effected many, which resulted in a generational transfer, that displayed several similarities with the Jim Crow laws that were implemented immediately after the end of slavery.

Her Life

Gloria bore children young, just like her mother and her motherʼs mother. The same pattern was evident with her sisters: children and no husbands. They either didnʼt want to be involved or were murdered. Gloria began indulging in drugs and other forms of substance abuse too. She was impatient, a hot head, ignorant, willing to fight, enduring abuse, to say the least.

“I knew I was going to die. I just felt it coming.”

Giving her life to Christ was one of the best things she could have done. She mentioned seeing good and evil fighting over her just above her head. “It was like black and white energies were dueling to see whoʼd get to make her soul their new home.” Of course the Lord being the powerful entity that he is, he came out on top.

Life After Being Saved


Gloria gave her life to God and something inside of her switched. She began going to church faithfully, and more involved in the lives of her children. She even took her walk with Christ a step further by eliminating swearing from her vocabulary, and eventually become a minister at her church. Now sheʼs addressed as Sister Gloria and has a powerful position amongst the congregation.

Since her transformation, she has been able to share her story, and she aspires to inspire other women in the process.