How Tatiana Oodishoo, Founder of Au Natral, Launched Her Skincare Line

By Asia Cheyanne

By Asia Cheyanne

Everybody has a thing. Some are very crafty with their hands and can dismantle and place things back together at rapid speeds, some are musically talented and others can dance. The unique thing about Tatiana Odishoo is she’s great at mixing. This comes natural to her considering that she bartends and that requires a lot of mixing. In her free time, the 21 year old runs an organic skin care line titled ‘Natral’. The line consists of facial scrubs, mud masks, brightening oils/serums and more!


It all began when she was just a little girl. Growing up in sunny Miami, Florida of course you’re spending more than enough time with the sun. Always tanning. Always out at the beach. You can imagine how often ones skin changes. Tatiana began noticing how problematic her skin could be when she was only in eighth grade. She’d experience forehead breaks out and monstrous pimples during her menstrual cycle. She’d taken a trip to St. Croix (The Caribbean) with her family one year where she discovered the art of skin care and the magic it could really do. It helped cure her hormonal acne but not permanently which is why she eventually resorted to her own skin care routines. This graduated into the lust she now has for great skin and why she launched her organic skin care line.


Natral Skin Care’s website was born December of 2017 and it has been a blast every since. Her support system consists of a few friends, immediate family and even a few of her co workers who’ve congratulated her on her business and who’ve purchased items. Tatiana is also very grateful for the power of social media and the exposure it’s granted her for her business. The truth is, hard work, dedication and consistency really does pay off. If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to put it into motion. God works in mysterious ways.

You can keep up with the Tenacious Tatiana on Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat!

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