How Kimberly Ann, founder of Kimberly Ann Design Studio, uses her voice to advocate for women


By Chelsea Whitley

Kimberly Ann has faced so many obstacles from poverty to domestic violence in life and in the midst of it all she found her passion. Kimberly believes that her story is her story so that others can see what she’s been through and change their own circumstances. She loves being able to help people bring their visions to life and has been in the business for 13 years now. In this interview, Kimberly talks about juggling 3 careers while raising 2 kids and striving to be an author.

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Upbringings, trials, and tribulations

Kimberly was born and raised in Louisiana. She grew up in poverty and in a sheltered home. Her mom didn’t work and her dad was left to provide. Kimberly and her sister didn’t have all the latest clothes so they had hand me downs instead. Growing up sheltered, she wasn’t able to do much so once she had a little bit of freedom she ran with it. She moved out at 18, got her first boyfriend, fell in love, got married, and from then on things started to change. She then found herself going through domestic abuse. It took her 2 years to get out of the situation.

Her advice for anyone going through a similar situation is to start praying and seek as many supportive people as you can. Life is so much better on the other side.  After going through what she had been through, she’s disturbed by people that judge women for staying in situations like that. Some people would bring up how people that ‘let it’ happen are ‘stupid’.

“You can’t call these people stupid for something you don’t understand.”

We must know that there are different stage in the process, one being the courage and strength to get away. It is something that you have to mentally prepare yourself for, because you have already gone through a situation you thought you’d never experience.

After enduring the domestic violence and being a victim of a drive by shooting, it caused her to have a wake up call. It was when no one was there to help her, when mom and dad couldn’t make it better, when she had to learn how to walk again, she realized it was all God. She had tried to do everything by herself and she was over doing it her way. She had no choice, but to let go and let God.


Handling business

Kimberly has her own graphic/ branding company and has her own cosmetology line. Kimberly balances everything by having a system. She starts off by writing in her planner all the projects she have to complete throughout the week. She takes about 30 minutes to herself and the rest is juggled between running her 3 businesses and raising her 2 kids. She also writes to keep up and reflect on how she feels when she doesn’t have time to take care of herself at that moment. Within the next five years Kimberly plans to just elevate. She plans to open up a storefront in Louisiana for KimberlyAnn Design studio. She wants to hold graphic designing classes, events, and other things that can help people and their brands. After opening her studio, she wants to open up a school for people that want to learn more about how to design their selves.

“A lot of times you have to go to school for more than one thing than to just be taught on one specific thing.”



Life advice that Kimberly wants to leave you all with is, life isn’t easy. Soon as we handle one obstacle another obstacle comes. The way we handle each obstacle will determine how far we’ll go in life. It will either make you or break you. She encourages us to continue sharing our stories so that we can help encourage everyone else around us. She also encourages everyone, especially in the black community, that counseling is a useful tool. Counseling helps you figure things out as well as childhood traumas.

To learn more about Kimberly Ann, follow her on Instagram @Iamkimberlyann_