Zaria Johnson, Prospering and Overcoming


By Asia Cheyanne

Zaria Johnson was a young, optimistic college girl when she was faced with her biggest obstacle yet. Even in the face of dealing with a life threatening disease, Zaria remains to be the same optimistic, bright eyed young girl. Zaria is the face of prosperity and in her new book, An Ode to Self Love, she discusses all her struggles before giving her life to Christ. 

Below, read more about Zaria Johnson’s story.

The Beginning

Oddly enough, many of us view life as something so minuscule. We don’t value it as much as we should even though our time is indubitably limited which brings me to talk about someone whose life almost flashed before her eyes. Zaria Johnson had just started college. A young, new fresh face on the scene. Optimism adorned her eyes and the willful acceptance of new beginnings trailed the silhouette of her body. Halloween was in the air and that meant parties. Mingling, socializing, meeting new people and getting into the swing of things.


Of course there’d been a lust for new beginnings especially considering the fact that Zaria hadn’t been accepted into her dream school Juilliard. It took a heavy toll on her and she often regretted not trying harder and letting the opinions of others influence her drive. She’d been born when her mother was very young which warranted a lot of supervision from the older women in her family. This in turn induced a wise mentality for her. As a younger girl she found herself wanting to dabble in a multitude of things but ultimately her aspirations always came back around to wanting to be apart of the entertainment business. Initially she wanted to be a choreographer. She’d even danced with a major group and attended their concert. In the summer of 2015, she was awarded the opportunity to spend a day at News Channel 5 and that ultimately helped her obtain many connections.


Where the struggle began


You can imagine how great all of these things sound but none of it would have been so greatly successful without the help and support of her mother who she describes as wise, strong and resourceful. As said before, it was around Halloween when Zaria Johnson was met with Liver Failure. She’d been at a party where either her food or a drink she had was tampered with. An array of drugs contaminated whatever it was she consumed and that caused her to begin to feel terribly ill. Zaria then called her mother, explained to her the situation and in turn her mother reported the incident to campus security. She was rushed to the hospital only to be told that her case looked to be a bladder infection. That in fact wasn’t the case. She was sent back home where her condition worsened. She visited the hospital again and none of the doctors could figure out what it was that had Zaria in such a hysterical state. After finally figuring it out, it was reported back to Zaria that she was suffering from liver failure. All of her organs were taking turns shutting down. She’d been poisoned and the perpetrator clearly premeditated the crime because although there were multiple drugs in her system, the only kind doctors could detect was Tylenol. This made it seem as though she was attempting suicide.


The Road to Recovery

The road to recovery wasn’t easy but she did it. She is here and she is alive to share her story through support from her mother and by the grace of God. She’s managed to continue to prosper, has created an Instagram dedicated to self love, progression and has even written her own book titled Dear Wilted Wallflowers: An ode to Self Love. It has been a true honor speaking with her.

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