How Amber is overcoming obstacles and keeping her head held high in the midst of loss


By: Chelsea Whitley

I had the pleasure of interviewing Amber, who is very purpose driven, an inspiring model and student working towards becoming a dermatologist. From facing her insecurities, to experiencing loss, to figuring out this thing called life, Amber is proving that we can turn our losses into something good. Like most people today, Amber is going through the process of learning what makes her happy, what she wants to do with her life, and overcoming every obstacle in her path. Her story is a true testament of finding the light in the midst of darkness.

Learn more about Amber’s journey and what she has in store for the future.


During Amber’s childhood, she was a loner child. Although she had other siblings, they were basically adults by the time Amber was born. Her parents were older and were out of the loop most her upbringing. They didn’t keep up with what she did, didn’t have social media, and didn’t know what was going on. Her dad was barely around because he was in the air force and her mom was a beautician so she was always at the daycare. Amber’s parents eventually split and her dad moved back to Houston and she ended up moving with him. After elementary, she moved back with her mom, who was struggling to make ends meet. Amber and her mom had to sleep in the hotels until they finally got their first home in Katy, Texas. That’s when things began to change for Amber and her mom. 

Her last two years of high school, she decided to move to Dallas with dad once again because her mom wasn’t around and she wanted guidance. She hated Dallas, because it was so different from what she was used to. The kids there mocked her for being different and made fun of her voice which they called annoying. During her childhood, Amber was insecure about her appearance. She had full lips and was teased most of her life because of them. As she got older, Amber became secure with her looks and her voice.



Experiencing and Overcoming Loss

A few weeks after graduating high school in Dallas, she moved back to Houston. One of the reasons for her moving back was because of her boyfriend that she had been with since the 8th grade. The most unexpected thing happened and it changed her for the better and worst. Her boyfriend died in a car crash just the day before her birthday. Every year since then she is reminded of him during her celebrations. 

After losing her boyfriend, she started bottling up her feelings. No one knew how to talk to her, she didn’t know what she was feeling, and it was all too much for her to deal with. She felt like she was going through it alone. Although, there were people to comfort her, she felt like no one understood how she felt. She went through a stage of depression that later resulted her going to see a psychiatrist. She still felt like she wasn’t being heard. She was just questioned on what she was going through and how she felt. There didn’t seem like a real cure to her issues. She even felt like they prolonged her the situation in order to keep her coming to benefit their business. Everything started feeling like a test to her. It wasn’t heart felt or comforting. 

Career and Future


After experiencing her boyfriends loss, Amber decided to start an organization to help others who has loss someone. Going to a psychiatrist made her realize that some sort of therapy was needed. Amber doesn’t really have a timeline for this organization, but we should be expecting this soon. 

“I want to start this organization so that you can have someone to talk to that can relate, someone to comfort you and help you through the process.”

As of now, she’s finishing school to become a dermatologist. Growing up, she was always the girl that wanted to help girls with their skin and insecurities in general. She always wanted to be behind the scenes of a make over. She noticed that current dermatologists only focus on certain skin types and only really help mask the problem instead of getting down to the root. She also noticed that there isn’t a lot of African Americans in the field. She wants to work with the psychological part of skin, women that suffer from burn scars, bad acne and trauma. She also loves doing makeup and fell in love with the process and everything face related, simply from doing clients makeup and realizing things they were doing wrong and wanting to help. 

Amber is in the process of getting her life together and making it out to be the best that it can be and in hopes of one days changing the world. 


To learn more about Amber, follow her on Instagram @ambeezeee