Andrea Boyd Learn How God + Nothing = Everything


Growing Up With Grandma

Andrea grew up living with her grandma, which happened to be her choice at the time. Her grandma would let her do the things all teenagers long to do, like hang out with her friends, have longer curfews, more freedom, have a cellphone and spend the nights aways from home. Her parents were strict and at the time she thought they were being overbearing. Now looking back she realizes how they were just trying to keep her safe and help her prevent trouble.

High School Struggles

At an early age Andrea struggled with feeling like the odd ball. She didn’t feel like she fit in. She was a honor roll student, she read books and played with her siblings while other kids were hanging out. She didn’t have the latest fashion trends which set her apart as well. The fact that kids were getting cars at the age of 16 also made her feel less than.

During her junior year of high school, she started noticing changes within herself. She completed school earlier than she was supposed to so that she could do things that all the other kids were doing. She wanted to be “grown.”

Life's Challenges

Shortly after graduating she started experiencing the darkest moments of her life. During Andrea’s first year in college she started drinking, she even lost her virginity and started having sex frequently looking for love. She moved in with a roommate and started doing things she had never done. She became an exotic dancer and to numb her pain she would drink.

In 2011, she ended up in jail for the first time, was able to go home and went back to living the same life. That summer of 2011, she found out she was having her first child in which she was not prepared to raise. After giving birth February 14, 2012, she decided that her grandma would take the responsibility of raising him. She had no idea how to be a mother, to love another human and wanted more for her son. After leaving her responsibility as a mother, she went back to living the same life. She started smoking marijuana, she begin a little more and started partying hard.

She went to jail a second time for theft and was able to come home again, but she still couldn’t stop living a life in the world. Things did start looking up for her, she got her first car and started working a stable job. Eventually, she started being irresponsible again let her car get repoed in 2015 on Thanksgiving Day.

I wasn’t taking care of my business like I was suppose to, I kept lying and having people feel sorry for me meanwhile I was wasting my money on alcohol and on unnecessary things.

Shortly after her repossession she received an eviction notice and still didn’t think there was a way out of the life she was living.

The Turning Point

Andrea was offered a really good job and was able to purchase another car and she even began attending church regularly. She went to church on Sunday, but was a party girl Saturday night. She felt God talking to her, but she just wasn’t ready to listen. Summer 2016, Andrea decided to do a hiatus of social media, she got some other ladies to join and she started reading her bible in that spare time. She had been struggling with her identity and self love by searching for love. December 2016, was her last straw. She had gotten arrested her now 3rd time in-front of her 4 year old son. This was the most embarrassing moment of her life. She hoped that God would get her out of there and ended up staying overnight. She hated God, she hated her parents, she hated everyone at that moment and felt like she had no one to turn to. She questioned herself.

Why was God punishing me?

She had planned on committing suicide, but couldn’t find a way. The very next day she was allowed to go home on a payment plan. She was supposed to spend 28 days in jail, but God sent her home.

After getting out her last time in jail, Andrea made a commitment that she was going to pray everyday for the New Year. She wanted to be close to God, but didn’t know how to get there. A close friend that she danced with reached out to her and asked her to come to church with her and that’s where it began. April 9, 2017 she was baptized. She had finally found her peace. June 25th she attended a church called Embrace and was approached by a girl named Lauren. She instantly felt loved and a genuine connection. June 26th, she attended Grace Creek Church for the first time and received a sermon titled GOD+NOTHING=EVERYTHING. She immediately joined the church after service, she had found her church home. Grace Creek has changed Andrea’s entire spiritual life. She was re baptized January 21, 2018 to make a public statement of her serving God. She decided to follow God and this time she does it intentionally.

The Future

Andrea no longer attend parties, she no longer drinks alcohol and she’s 1 year celibate. 

It feels good to know that all 6 years I was in the world God was molding me to become the woman I am today and I’m still not there yet . but I thank God that I am redeemed.

Andrea is currently in the process of starting an organization that will help her share her story, she believes God has chosen her to use her story to help communicate his message to other young girls and women. She believes we can make this world a better place, by not being selfish and start showing compassion towards others. We also need to display love to others. Just because they look different than us or whatever the case may be that doesn’t mean they deserved to be treated poorly. 

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