How JaLissa Clay's Passion For Risk Youth Creating Businesses Shaped Her Future


Houston, Texas born and now Atlanta resident, JaLissa Clay has a passion for at risk youth creating businesses. The young entrepreneur herself has created a business to help other young people with their business start ups. As a student at Georgia State University, JaLissa still struggles with typical highs and lows of being a young adult.

In this interview, JaLissa shares its us how her childhood shaped her, what she did to overcome the bad times, and her goals for The Young Black Exchange in the near future.

Check out more about JaLissa’s growing business and the journey she took to begin it all.


Born in Houston, Texas, JaLissa grew up in a two parent household. Despite having both her parents, it was not the most healthy environment. She moved every few years with her mother, father, and brother, in fact during her freshman year of high school her family was homeless.

After a couple of years, her father was arrested and her mother was checked into a psych hospital. Once all of this began, her parents lost custody of her and her brother and they were sent to live in Kentucky. During her time in Kentucky, JaLissa’s mom unfortunately passed away unexpectedly.

Embracing Insecurities

As any other girl growing up, JaLissa struggled with her appearance growing up. Her biggest insecurity was her gap. Even though she inherited this trait from her mom, she longed for her father’s perfect teeth. JaLissa became so embarrassed by her smile that she only smiled with her mouth closed until her high school career when she learned to embrace it.

Growing up JaLissa read books dedicated to wealth and entrepreneurship by authors such as Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill. Reading these books eventually sparked the flame of entrepreneurship in JaLissa and this is when she knew she wanted to start her own business.

Career- The Young Black Exchange

The Young Black Exchange is a business start up consulting company that helps small businesses with their startups. From business writing and marketing plans, JaLissa made sure to price her services so that small businesses could afford them.

Like any other business owner, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship hit JaLissa. 

It took a lot of my time and patience and wanting to give up almost everyday before I even introduced the world to The Young Black Exchange

JaLissa took some important steps in her journey to business owning. When she felt like she wasn’t going anywhere, JaLissa made sure she took a few steps back and did her research.

Implementing these strategies have helped me objectively achieve the goals that I set for myself

The Next Steps for The Young Black Exchange

By 2019, JaLissa plans to begin a mentoring program for at risk youth. She plans to ensure the future generation of leaders comes equipped with as much knowledge as possible; from financial literacy to changing a tire. The Young Black Exchange is the company that will create well rounded youth in the next generation.

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