Brittney Winbush Cofounder of Creative Girl Gang Talks Balancing Social Media And Peace Of Mind

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By: Amani AB

As one of the founders of Creative Girl Gang, Brittney Winbush always makes sure she stays true to herself and authentic with her content. From being business partners with her best friends to her advice about social media breaks, Brittney is the true creative girl loving her best life. In this interview Brittney explains how she can be transparent on social media while balancing her peace of mind. 


At a very young age, Brittney was able to see the entrepreneurial life first hand from her parents. Seeing her parents leave the comfort of their jobs to open a business has given Brittney the drive and go getter spirit she has now with her own business ventures. Despite her parents not having the resources when they first started their own businesses, Brittney’s parents now have three very successful businesses.


Transparency and social media

As a content creator, Brittney keeps her social media pages close to her real life and her experiences because she wants her followers to receive authentic content. Having authentic and true content helps her to become inviting and stand out from other social media personalities.

Being active on social media comes with a lot of difficulties especially mentally. Brittney has made sure she takes time to disconnect from social media

Don’t fill your mind with other people's thoughts first thing in the morning

Brittney has also worked diligently to find the balance between disconnecting from social media and putting out content.

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Creative Girl Gang and Alexandria Winbush

Creative Girl Gang is a creative platform for women created by Brittney and her four other friends; Ashley, Chandler, Dani, and Shema. Being a group of friends who are creative and learning new things along the way. Working with friends has always been deemed as “off limits”, but the ladies of Creative Girl Gang makes sure their friendship doesn’t interfere with business. By being brutally honest with each other and able to comfortably critique one another, these ladies have mastered being business friends.

If you’re passionate about your business, it’s very hard to separate it from your friendship, especially in our case where Creative Girl Gang is each of us, who we are as people, and what we want to see in the world.

Brittney has also recently announced her newest venture, Alexandria Winbush, a curated box of candles and tea that align with a playlist. Her “light. sip. play” motto has created a whole new lane of natural made candles and tea boxes. With each box set, there’s a playlist to create an atmosphere perfect for the vibe being set.

To learn more about Brittney, follow her and Creative girl gang @voguebritt and @creativegirlgang