Gail Wilson Talks Family Business And The Difference Between Gifts And Purpose

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Gail Wilson talks about how circumstances will change, some days will be better than others but that shouldn’t matter in life.

She was standing waist deep in a recycle dumpster with a variety of critters. It was 100 degrees, She was alone in the backwoods and asking herself, "Why in the world am I doing this?"

In 2016 she decided that she wanted to be an entrepreneur and start her own business. She chose recycle collecting and document shredding.

Gail also talks about how gifts are just gifts, and there’s something beyond them which introduces you to your passion. Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid of detours.


Research tells us that from birth to age three our brain undergoes an amazing period of development, producing more than a million neural connections a second. Who we are as adults, is influenced by so many factors, including our earliest relationships, emotional environment and our experiences as infants and toddlers.

Gail's parents understood this concept instinctively. By nature, they are creative and curious people. Her father was an Army officer and engineer at the dawn of the computer era. Her mother was a classically trained opera singer. They traveled and their home was always filled with art, music, books and an assortment of interesting people.

She has one sister, Vanessa. They were born the same day, the same month, exactly one year apart. Gail was born on her first birthday and has always been her best friend.

They were active in the church, so church as a family, prayer meetings and Vacation Bible School was important for setting her moral compass and for providing a peer group who shared the same values. Service to others, and stewardship of the earth were expectations.

In her home, on any given weekend you might find a homeless person in need, a famous jazz musician or a litter of puppies they had just rescued.

There was always something interesting and unusual to do. I raised reptiles, loved canoeing and archery, I learned to paint and draw. That’s why today, I simply lack the capacity for boredom.  

Gail grew up around very high expectations. She was exposed to an environment that exposed her to many wide variety opportunities. Although growing up around these different opportunities can be seen as advantage you will soon find out that you do not always succeed at everything offered to you. As a young child she did not understand  that the more times you attempt an opportunity the more times you are likely to fail. Thus resulting in Gail developing insecurities within herself.

 Unfortunately, I developed a bad habit of always comparing myself to others

As she grew, experienced and matured more she then realized that this habit was toxic to her success. Instead of allowing these thoughts to manifest in her mind and hinder her esteem she works to keep the negativity from "renting space," in her head. 


Businesses and Opportunities


Gail Wilson ave us insight on her executive position of City Year. City Year is a organization dedicated to helping students and schools succeed. City Year is, also, among the nation’s fastest - growing nonprofit social enterprises. The organization’s 900 staff and 3,000 AmeriCorps members work and serve in 28 communities across the country City Year. Gail Wilson is City Year in Columbia, South Carolina 

AmeriCorps members serve full - time in high - need urban schools, where they partner with teachers and school leaders to provide high - impact student, classroom, and school - wide support to help students stay in school and on track to graduate from high school, and prepare for college and career success.

Gail also is the owner of a recycling business called Anchor Shred & Recycle Co. LLC which  was established in 2015. This Recycling business  provides "affordable, reliable collection and secure document destruction services". Along side of the  recycling services for corporations and small businesses, they also offer their service to nonprofits, school districts and religious institutions as well.

Many businesses, small business in particular have had the desire to recycle, however; they have concerns in regards to the high expenses. Anchor has worked to create a solution that will reduce these concerns.

 we keep our operating expenses low and as a small family business, our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client.

Anchor Shred & Recycle Co. LLC has just entered there third year of business and the gross revenue has done nothing but increase tremendously.

Recycling is part of the green growth industry with a dual revenue stream. Secure document destruction is required by law to protect sensitive information and limit identity theft. I’m fortunate to have extraordinary family support and a great crew. My one regret? At age 57, I wish I would have started my business ten years ago!  

Gail is a woman of versatility and tremendous talent so her pathway was never set on one specific goal. She had taken many professional detours. She started, several years ago to follow the path in which got paved specifically for her. She began to trust in God to reveal her purpose in life, other than her gifts. 

It was not easy for Gail to understand that there was a difference between the having a gift and having a purpose that has been Ordained by God. Despite the hardship she began to take turns in her career based on her specific calling.

Specific detours include, visual and performing arts including professional theater and film. I worked in museum education, and arts administration. I’ve led nonprofits which focused on youth and family services, mental health, sexual assault and domestic violence prevention. As they say, “Life is journey, not a destination.” I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Healing From The Inside Out


We were brought to this world to make a difference. We are not told why or how we are to create change, though we must live in this world and figure journey out on our own. Gail explained to us that recycling is much more than keeping the cans, and plastic bottles out of the garbage cans and reusing them. It is a process. A process that creates these items into new materials that can be used by man kind. 

Actions we take every day really makes a difference. It’s so simple, we all can be part of this movement.

This world is here for the faces us all and for the generations to come. Every ton of paper made from recycled materials saves the world from cutting down about 17 trees, about 450 gallons of oil and  manages to save about seven gallons of water. Gail also explains that  every one ton of plastic that is recycled by us saves the equivalent energy of 1,000 to 2,000 of gasoline. All of these things are important to protect in order for our earth to prosper. It is up to every person in this world to realize where to start in saving ourselves and our earth.

Realizing that earth needs to be saved and kept beautiful lead Gail to meet great opportunities. She has been a special guest one TEDx Talk where she uses her realizations and connects to build concepts such as “The Tao of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

We all care about something, it is our responsibility to take action when and however we can.


The Power of Knowledge  

Gail was not your ideal high school scholar who continued to rise to the top of the class. She had her struggles, however; entering college she felt more comfortable and confident in her studies.Gail took advantage of the prevalence of college by exposing her own self to different the career choices her college had to offer. t

I selected courses that aligned with my strengths. Business, Art, Education, Psychology and Philosophy were all fascinating to me. I enjoy research, questioning, and the type of critical thought that graduate and post graduate work requires.

Gail believed that a degree does not dictate the range of your success. It certainly does not guarantee your ticket to your dream job, moreover; it gives you the advantage to "compete for opportunities in some fields with a level of greater confidence and awareness.," The more confidence you have the more your chances are of achieving your goal. Once you have achieved those goals you may become well equipped to help others who are around you. 

College degree or not, you’ve got to know what makes you a “value add” to a company. Most importantly, you must have the technical skills and knowledge to deliver results. There is no substitute for talent. 


Experience is always life's biggest teacher. We always wish we could go back in time and know what we know now. In Our interview we asked Gail what she would say to her young 13 year old self. She paused and responded with phenomenal message.

“Gail, you can’t predict the end of the story, so please stop trying. No matter what anyone tells you, they can’t predict it either. You see, everyone has their very own book, it’s a magic book and the words only appear when you are on that page. And by the way, you are the only one who is qualified to read it. So keep turning those pages, because you can’t imagine what is about to happen next.”  

To learn more about Gail, on Instagram @GailWilsonGiarratanoPHD, on Facebook @gail.giarratanophd and twitter @tweetgwg.