How The Natural Life Chose This Natural Hair and Beauty Influencer, Joy Navon

How The Natural Life Chose This Natural Hair and Beauty Influencer, Joy Navon


By: Klarke Foreman

The journey to natural hair is different for everyone. Some do the big chop and cut off their relaxed hair after a few months, some wear braids and other protective styles during the grow-out phase, and others style their hair throughout the transition. But hair blogger, Joy Navon, didn’t choose the natural life--the natural life chose her!

Today, Joy is a natural hair and beauty influencer and YouTuber. Learn more about Joy and her advice for all girls aspiring to embark on the natural hair journey.


Early Childhood

Growing up, Joy was surrounded by exceptional examples of a strong, black woman--thanks to her mother, grandmother, and older sister. Just like many kids, Joy was shy, quiet, and insecure in a plethora of ways. In short, she believed she was the complete opposite of the women in her life. She was very reserved, and used her creativity as an outlet to express express herself. At the peak of adolescence, shyness was no longer a thing. The caterpillar morphed into a beautiful butterfly. In the never ending journey of self-discovery, she is constantly reminded that she always carried the characteristics of her girls. “Because of my family, I am everything that I am today,” says Joy.

From Relaxed To Natural

It was June 2011 when Joy made the decision to put down the chemicals. During that time, her and her family were moving to an unfamiliar state with unfamiliar faces. As a young girl, her biggest concern was who would treat her hair every two weeks. After the move, she realized the answer was herself. Immediately following the aha moment, she began the transition process and never looked back.


Cute For A Dark Girl

Joy was seven years old when she received her first colorism comment. It was tradition for her and her grandparents to go out to eat after church. One particular Sunday, they decided to eat at a buffet restaurant. While eating, her grandmother noticed an elderly staring at Joy for a 15 to 20 minute span. It was as if their eyes were sinking into her skin. Politely, her grandmother made eye contact with the couple and the couple responded by saying, “Oh, we are just admiring the young lady. We have never seen such a beautiful dark little girl. She is stunning!” At the time, all her grandmother could say was thank you.

The second experience took place during her 10th grade year of high school. A male upperclassmen was astonished by her beauty. Whenever he saw her, he would stare, but one day he finally had enough courage to speak up. He greeted her, She smiled back and the words that dripped out of his mouth were, “ I’ve seen a lot of black girls in my life, but you are the only dark skinned girl that I have ever been attracted to.” That comment offended her deeply, and it took her years to even understand why.

In God’s timing, she aspires to have a child that will be better equipped to handle similar experiences.

Challenging Moments In 2018

This year, Joy hit a roadblock that no longer allowed her to be a full-time creator. After obtaining her college degree, she was able to move away from home and began her new career. Although she learned so much, she experienced several storm clouds emotionally, physically, and financially. After leaving her job at Sephora, she took on the role as a full time content creator and social media influencer. She was living out the dream everyone desires: supporting and working for herself. Life took a major turn when household struggles interrupted her dream life, which also resulted in her and her fiance to temporarily switch career plans. Through it all, she appreciates the struggle, for it pruned her into the woman she is today. Sounds like beauty in the breakdown to us!

When The Hands Start Reaching

In the black community, touching their hair without permission is a huge no-no. Working around women of various backgrounds revealed to Joy how fascinated people are about curly and/or kinky hair textures. In the past, she did not understand why but now she understands that it is just a peek of interest in something you may not ever have. If a person asks to touch her hair, she would kindly decline. However, she has not experienced it much. Once before, she granted someone permission to touch her hair, due to a work related project. The woman so excited, like a kid in a candy store. Joy can attest that she was a bit flattered.


When Her Voice Was Created

In college, Joy was known as the girl with the beautiful hair. There was even a higher appreciation for her hair since she attended an HBCU. Throughout the day, she received thousands of compliments and questions about her hair. She did not think hairstyles were a big deal until girls would ask if she could style their hair. After the billionth question, she figured it was time to do something about it. Her fiance’s idea, along with her mother’s cosigning, actually pushed her to launch her now popping YouTube channel. They even surprised her with her first camera Christmas 2015. How cute is that?!

Advice To The Girl Who Wants To Take The Leap

In the words of Joy, “Just do it! Honestly, you just have to go for it. You’ll never know how you’ll feel about something until you give it a try. Personally, the natural life chose me, I didn’t choose it but, I did commit and I still commit to it everyday.”

What To Expect

Joy is coming for everything she wants and then some! She will be moving, planning her wedding, and living the life God has set before her. Although she is unsure on the specifics, she is in expectation for the many blessings that await! Keep up with Joy on Instagram @joynavon and subscribe to her Youtube channel! 

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