How This Entrepreneurs Struggles Taught Her How To Succeed


By Bri’Ann Stephens


At the age of 15 most young girls were in High School worried about passing their test, or thinking about what their crush was up to. School and social life is the main concerns of most 15 year old girls. But as for Remi, she was working a job in order to support her family.

Remi Umanah grew up in a single parent home, being the oldest of three girls. She had dreams of being a lawyer, until two different prophets spoke bigger things in her life at two different times.

Today, Remi is the Founder of WERK CEO, a co werking space where dreamers can leave with results. Where they can come in and get their business plan done, headshots, graphic designs and more. The plug for faith-based entrepreneurs. Learn more about Remi and her advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Working At Fifteen And Growing Up Quickly

Talking about her childhood has always been difficult for her because her childhood was not the best.

Remi’s father left her mother when she was 8 and when her mom was pregnant with their third child. She is the oldest of three, so she had to step up fast in regards to helping her mom with little things around the house; especially with her younger sisters. At the age of 15 (yes 15), she landed her first job at a local restaurant. For most 15-year-olds, having a job would have probably been fun.But for Remi, it was dreadful and overwhelming because every penny she made was directly for bills.

She went to an open campus high school, so she was able to make her own school schedule and work as much as she needed/wanted to. Growing up at such a young age showed her how to be bold, strong, demanding an independent and most importantly save. She watched her mom for years struggle and live check by check make ends meet for her sisters and her.

A couple years later, she met her first boyfriend and he introduced her to freedom. Freedom was exactly what was all she wanted. Remi moved out and they got a place together. They started participating in ungodly activities/behaviors and started living a worldly lifestyle, basically, she forgot all the prayers and lessons her mother taught her. They practiced that lifestyle for almost 4 years until he started to become very possessed and verbally abusive. Eventually Remi had no choice but to leave.

After that experience, she fell back in love with Christ and she made a promise that from that point on she will forever worship Him if He changes her life for the better and since then her life has not been the same.


Childhood Goals, Dreams, and Prophecy

As a child, Remi wanted to be a lawyer.Her goal has always been to make an impact on the lives around her, Today, she has always been a giver by nature because she hates seeing people around her hurt or in need. Her mother is a pastor, so one night she invited her to a church service where a known prophet was attending. This particular prophet looked into her eyes and said "You're going to be talking in front of crowds one day." At that time she was not clear of the meaning and thought to herself "who will want to listen to me,"  but it was a message that she kept nearby.

In 2013 Remi moved to Houston because she wanted something new. She was tired of moving in the same circle with no results. She needed a change. She went to Houston without any friends, family or job just some savings and a dream. She had no particular dream or direction in mind, she just wanted different. Almost 2  years after Remi left her family went to visit and she ended up visiting a family church, during that time her mother booked an appointment for them to see a prophet, now this encounter really opened her eyes. This was a whole different prophet from the first time and in two different states and this prophet said "I see you standing in front of thousands and selling out arenas" if this was not confirmation from God then she do not know what it is. It was the confirmation that all she had been thinking about was indeed from God. Remi does not think that her dreams have changed, she will just say God paved another way and opened other doors and opportunities that could not be ignored.

Life Struggles

Some things Remi struggles with is building an audience and of course the money factor. However, she has never allowed that to stop her, instead, she has allowed that to strengthen her even more. She started to create her own platform and find her own voice so she can build a family in Houston that supports her. You see the thing about her is that she does not go out looking for people, she allow God to send the right people back to her.

WERK CEO/Co-Werking With A Twist

A change inspired her to launch WERK CEO (Co-Werking With A Twist). Remi wanted more than networking, she wanted more than motivation, she wanted more than success stories. She wanted results. She want a unique and balanced space where entrepreneurs can create. She use to go to many networking events and left still feeling empty. She wanted to create a platform where people can come together and werk. Werk CEO is all about eliminating competition by embracing collaboration. The end goal for Werk CEO is to have a co werking space where dreamers can leave with results. Where they can come in and get their business plan done, head shots, graphic designs and more. She wants WERK CEO to be the plug for faith-based entrepreneurs. She wants to be able to build a group of strong, leading independent, werking women that can help other women build.

Fighting Competition Between Women

Remi says in order to fight competition that we have to create different experiences.

WERK CEO has four twisted experiences every year where we allow our members and others to collaborate outside of the working/business environment. We create unique things to do to  help others step out of their comfort zone such as;

  • Latte's and Laughter

  • Boxing Day

  • Women Spa

  • and our Co-Werk retreat

We trying to dig into the minds of others outside of the werk herntality so we can grow together as individuals. She loves the idea of posting other business and giving local business opportunities to grow within. That is why when she host events she reaches out to local women that she sees inspire others around and also want to grow.

Advice For All Aspiring Entrepreneurs

WERK, WERK, WERK, WERK, WERK, and Pray! Remi’s relationship with God is what got her this far,

“trust me if she did things my way, I will not be as far as I am today.”

To learn more about Remi, visit her on Instagram @werkceo