How Sychoya Castex Uses Her Experiences To Mentor Young Girls


How Sychoya Castex Uses Her Experiences To Mentor Young Girls


By Asia Cheyanne

Sometimes we encounter trivial situations that pique the interest in the very things that lead us tour purpose. This exact idea can be applied to 26 year old Sychoya Castex, belonging to Houston, Texas. Founder of SheIsGoals Mentoring, Sychoya is using the lessons she learned in her life to guide young women, while giving them the tools they need to succeed in life. In this interview, Sychoya discusses how her upbringing contributed to her company.

Growing Up

Sychoya did not have the best of the best due to being raised in a single parent home. As a child she attended more schools than the average kid: four elementary schools, six middle schools, and seven high schools. We can only imagine how exhausting it must have been for Sychoya to never grow comfortable with a consistent school.

Ideally, it is a fact that maneuvering places a damper on one’s mood, provokes depression, anxiety, or emotional exhaustion, while also experiencing poverty. All of these experiences led Sychoya to launching her own mentoring program. She lacked essential tools and advice because she was too busy fighting for her life. “My experiences and mistakes could be the blueprint to that prevents other girls from going in the same direction,” says Castex.

SheIsGoals Mentoring was born shortly after. Castex mentioned that the ultimate goal was to help young girls ages 14-25 reach their full potential and experience the fruits of their labor without severe struggle and to maximize opportunities.

Building SheIsGoals Mentoring

Sychoya deeply believes that in order to be in a position to help others, itʼs important to keep your God first.

God saved my mind

There were periods in her life where she lacked guidance, was confused about a lot, or even what she wanted to do with her life but Godʼs love is a love like no other. The lord was her shepherd and she didnʼt need to want because of it.
Sheʼs currently enrolled in school to be a marriage counselor and sheʼs met someone who worked in CPS that could help link her with young, impressionable girls that could use her mentoring service. What were the odds? Here she was one night, up late, finishing up some work and she just so happened to run into a social worker who could give her the guidance she needed for SheIsGoals Mentoring. Castex wholeheartedly believes it was God placing her in the right position at the right time.

LISTEN! In order to be a good mentor you must be able to tackle what the problem is. Recognize the problem. You can only do that by listening. One recurring obstacle in girls I mentor is negative self talk, so I try to change that narrative
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Battling The Struggles

Of course with success and determination comes the constant battle of fighting off negativity. Castex went on to tell me that she also struggles with negative self talk a lot and doubt. Networking has also been an obstacle but she is determined to not let that get in her way of elevating and progressing. When asked about her supporters, Castex sort of lit up. She spoke about her husband and how heʼs always been her number one support system. Unfortunately, she also mentioned how a lot of her family just doesn’t feel moved about her business and her goal when she speaks about it.

Heʼs always been in my corner since day one. Anything that Iʼve wanted to do, heʼs been behind me

The Future for Sychoya

I inquired about where she saw herself and her business in a year or two from now. Her response was filled of goals she had for various communities and of course young kids. From having contracts with different schools, summer school programs, to being more involved in different communities. Sychoya is sticking to her mission to build up her community and young girls.

When asked what advice she would give people whoʼd like to do what she’s doing, after completely consumed with her story and journey at this point.

Be honest with what you love to do. Do the research and get active!

We’re excited to see what Sychoya and SheIsGoals for 2019. To keep up with Sychoya and her future ventures, be sure to follow SheIsGoals on Instagram: @SheIsGoalsMentoring.