Listening to God and Obeying His Word: Myra Vorrice’s Story About Becoming A Phenomenal Woman

Listening to God and Obeying His Word: Myra Vorrice’s Story About Becoming A Phenomenal Woman


By: Amani Allen-Beale
Sometimes when we hear God speak to us, we ignore it because it isn’t what we want to hear. Whether he’s telling us to leave a situation or to begin a new journey, we think “no, this can’t be what He wants me to do”, simply because we’ve already created our own plan and God is telling us to go in a different, unfamiliar direction. “Want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”. That’s the situation Myra Vorrice found herself in when she was called to create Phenomenal Women.


Growing Up

Growing up in her Nigerian household, Myra lived in a very traditional home. Very authoritative parents, very private home life, and of course going to school was a big thing in her house. While she was in high school, Myra was very well liked and that continued on in her college career.

Although she wanted to go to a school like NYU or South Cal, Myra’s dad wanted her to stay in Texas. When she decided to stay, she made sure she went to a school that was far enough for her to feel independent but also close to her family; University of Texas was her decision. She decided to attend UTX for communications.


College Career

During her college career, Myra learned a lot about herself. Going to college helped her talk to people she probably wouldn’t talk to. Going into college, Myra went in as a bio major. She got heavily involved in student life which is where she began making friends that she still talks to still this day. While she was taking bio, Myra realized it was too hard for her. Her advisor even told her to go a different route after bombing her bio classes! That’s when Myra got into communications and political science.

After college, Myra taught middle and high school- a little of each subject. She believes that each life experience she went through, prepped her for the next chapter in life. Her two biggest lessons were:

  • Remain professional

  • Treat people nice


Phenomenal Women

When Myra was called to create Phenomenal Women, she thought he was joking! She knew God wanted her to share her story and help other women share their stories, but she didn’t was to. Since she was so apprehensive when she heard her instructions from God, I asked “how did you know it was God she was hearing from?” Myra did two things:

  1. Knew it was God because she wouldn’t tell her story herself. She knew it was God that wanted her to do this since she would never do it on her own.

  2. She fasted and prayed - during her fast, she kept getting confirmation from others that this was her path.

“Everything you do, do it in excellence”

Speaking at the Pink Productions PlanHer2018 conference was Myra’s first time stepping out with Phenomenal Women. With sharing her story, Myra met many women whom she was able to help share their story as well. She knew there were women all over who needed that extra push to tell their story and that why she created Phenomenal Women. Within 8 months of creating Phenomenal Women, Myra went to her old high school where she started scholarships for the young women in the school.

The Future

As for the future of Phenomenal Women, Myra plans to create different outlets for Phenomenal Women, starting a PW podcast, partnering with more schools and churches, and of course more scholarships. As for Myra, we can see her at more speaking engagements as she plans to step outside of her box and share her story and also traveling! We can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2019.

To stay connected with Myra, follow her on Instagram at @phenomenalwomen_7