YouTube Personality JaLisa Vaughn Didn't Let Her Fears Stop Gods Purpose For Her Life And Neither Should You


By: Armani AB

Many people find it hard to express their faith without being criticized in today’s society but JaLisa Vaughn has found that nothing gets in the way of her spirituality. In this interview, JaLisa discusses how she overcomes insecure a social media influencer, putting God first, and her new venture as a YouTube personality.


Being a social media influencer, do you come across any insecurities or setbacks? If so, how do you get over them?
I think for me when It comes to being a social media influencer, the thing that keeps me the most grounded is knowing who I am through God’s eyes. I have no idea how people who are not spiritually grounded or don’t have a relationship with God are able to manage not only the pressure, but the expectations and consequences when you don’t meet others expectations in the “influencer world”. You have to constantly know who you are in Him and know that even your biggest insecurities are sometimes inspirational to other people. I’ve learned to use them to my advantage or just simply overcome them, so that it could be used as a testimony for others who are in the same situation.

Whenever I feel my insecurities (current or from the past) starting to spring back up within me, I immediately go to the word, or start writing/venting which brings about reflection.

Through that reflection I remember who I am and where God has brought me from and immediately it helps me bypass them and/or conquer that specific fear.

Growing up, did you have any lessons that you still carry with you today?
There are many lessons at my parents and family taught me growing up. But I think the one thing that has sat with me the longest is that people are going to have something to say whether you are doing good or bad. You have to be okay with yourself, and know who you are in God so that nothing that anyone says or does can move you.

Along with that, my favorite scripture is Matthew 6:33. Which is: But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. This is the scripture that I live by, basically meaning if you put God first in everything you do, he will make sure the rest is given to you! Pretty much put me first and I’ll make sure you are straight LOL.

What are some goals you want to accomplish by June 2018? How are you going to achieve them?
In 2018, I just really want to get deeper into the word, studying it and not just using it as a devotional. Along with that I want to grow my platforms and become more consistent on each and every one of them. Lastly, I want to get more into public speaking, it’s always been a huge fear of mine, and I know that God has given me the favor, anointing, and influence for a reason --  so I want to make sure I am using it to the best of my abilities.


We’re so excited for your YouTube channel to grow! Do you find it difficult to be open and transparent in front of the camera for everyone to see?
I am excited about my YouTube channel as well! But maybe not for the same reasons. I had been wanting to do a YouTube channel for so long, but the fear of video cameras or people really getting to see who I am scared me away from it for the longest. It’s definitely hard to be transparent and let people into your life from the video/YouTube perspective. But it has been the most freeing things for me, and I absolutely love it!

If social media wasn’t as big as it is now, what are some other hobbies that you would get into?
Some of my favorite things to do is watch series on Netflix, I absolutely love cooking and just hanging out and doing really girly cheesy things with my friends!

If we ever get a female president, how do you think the world would react to that milestone?
I honestly don’t believe it would be that much of a shock. We (Women) have gotten close on many occasions, and the future is female and I believe more and more people are becoming aware of that!

To learn more about JaLisa and her journey follow her on Instagram @jalisaevaughn!

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