Meagan Drillenger Founder Of Vaera Retreats Combines Inspiring Women, Entrepreneurship And Travel

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By: Chelsea Whitley

We always hear things like travel is life, but for Megan it is truly her life. She lives, breathes and provide a cost of living for herself traveling to different areas around the world, while doing something she loves to do. She decided to start a business and bring other women along to experience it with her.


Megan grew up with a very adventurous family, especially her younger brother who is also her best friend. As kids they invented different games and adventures to have with each other which is why travel is important to the both of them. Megan and her family went on various vacation destinations such as hiking the jungle in Costa Rica, road tripping through Italy, and traveling by bus through Mexico! Even though Megan and her family went on these amazing trips, Megan’s parents made sure they added an educational component to their trips so they would come back home with some new they learned.

At the early age of 5, Megan would invent stories and write them down. As she got older, she knew she wanted to infuse her love for traveling with her writing and do this for a living. Now, Megan primarily writes about travel, specifically Mexico; health and wellness, fitness, dating, and lifestyle.



Vaera Journeys

Vaera Journeys is a retreat travel company for entrepreneurial women that combines inspiring women to start their own businesses with transformation through travel. Vaera's retreats are styled to help women take their personal and professional goals to the next level by helping them to explore a project that gives them purpose. Vaera - meaning "on the edge" in Spanish - challenges women to take the leap from unfulfilling careers to find their purpose and reshape their professional lives. Each journey is inspired by a unique destination, and offers curated experiences designed to foster creative discussion, including a full-day workshop with a featured guest speaker. Our intimate retreats, with up to 15 spots, maintain a sense of community where each member can share and grow her talents.


Traveling and balancing life

As a traveler, Megan equates travel with her life.

Travel is my life, so therein lies the balance. I could not have my life without travel, and in order to make my life travel, I had to make it my career.

While on the road she makes sure to exercise, watch her diet, and create a routine structure to make sure she makes it all possible. In addition to her routine, Megan has also been in a long distance relationship for the past year, which a lot of people believe is difficult, Megan thinks otherwise. She believes if both parties are committed to doing the work, put in effort, build trust, and compromise them it's entirely possible.

One lesson Megan has learned during her travels is: being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Megan’s travels has brought her out of her comfort zone and put her in situations she would have never experienced before. She doesn’t believe in regret, she believes everything we experience, good and bad, shapes us into who we are; which is definitely something to live by.

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