How Dannia Balances Being A Full Time College Student And Full Time Artist


By: Chelsea Whitley

I had been following Dannia for some time on twitter and what brought me to her page was her beautiful art. Each painting had a story of it's own and I was curious to learn more about her. Dannia is a full time student and artist, who knows what it takes to reach her goals. Despite her short comings and circumstances, she does not let them define who she is and instead uses them as motivation and drive.


Growing up, Dannia watched her mother juggle 5, sometimes 6, kids at once. She faced many challenges and made it look easy which Dannia admired, at first. The older Dannia got, she realized she didn’t have to face those challenges, she could create a life for herself.

Dannia didn’t want the financial problems her family endured and the health issues of her father so she began to educate herself. Dannia defines her struggles and situations that changed her and made her wiser. She studied and learned everything she could so she could live the life she wanted to live.


Getting into art

At a young age, Dannia was the kid that drew on every worksheet! She had amazing art teachers throughout elementary school that cared enough to challenge her since they knew her potential. Dannia’s teachers helped her tap into her creativity as a young girl which translated into her being an amazing artistic woman.

As an artist, Dannia represents creative freedom. Her art is subjective. She enjoys people’s perspective of her art. Like many creatives, she often takes breaks from her creativity so she can create genuine art at her own pace. Especially in the generation we live in now, everything seems to happen so quick.

“I want artists to create what makes them happy and take risks.”


“I would choose not to accept a commission from someone who is racist with no hesitation. My favorite pieces that I've done are from my cultural body marking collection. It's about one year old now but the people I met through it and everything I learned about their history still inspires me today.”

What to expect from Dannia

As an artist, Dannia knows that her goals won’t happen overnight so she keeps working on them. For artists, sharing their work is the best way to show your support. A retweet or repost can go a long way in this industry.

“The best way for anyone to help me find opportunities to share my work is to share my work and share ideas with me.”

Dannia plans to create new pieces and concepts. Getting back into physical pieces like watercolor is one way she plans to show more content. She also plans to showcase more of her work buy selling prints. Expect new amazing content by Dannia this year!

To learn more about Dannia, follow her on Instagram @Danniasart and @Danniaszn and on twitter @Artgoddessia!