Milan Mobley Used Networking To Launch Her Successful Public Relations Company In 5 Days


By: Amani AB

Imagine starting your dream career in less than a week and it’s still flourishing. That’s what Milan did with her public relations company, Unmanagement.

In this interview, we talked with Milan to learn about how she became so driven and ambitious and how it now shows in her work ethic. From her childhood activities in sports to her EntrepreneuHERs brunch, Milan has the ‘work hard, play hard’ concept down pat.

Learn more about Milan and her upcoming ventures.

Early Life Drive

From participating in athletics, being so competitive, wanting to always be on the honor and an even bigger want to receive awards for her work; She carried that go-getter mentality with her as she continued through college and entering her career field. In school when she completed her school work early, there wasn't anything for her to do, she remembers be distracted easily. She loved being challenged since day one, she loved her mind being full. It excited her to get things done.

High School Sports and Fundamentals

My coaches didn’t play when it came down to being on time for practice and holding a certain level of discipline.

Not only was Milan in athletics, but she learned even more in-college when she joined the student government association. She says you really have to be a team player and be disciplined. She learned the value and many great characteristics, when She became the SGA president.

EntrepreneurHER Brunch

Milan usually has one brunch a year and that is March during Women's month. This year she was asked by a good friend to host the brunch during his conference as one of the events. Her primary goal with the brunch is always to deliver an experience that the Women EntrepreneuHERs won't forget. Secondly, the goal is always to help women better their brands and business by the knowledge that is provided. She wants to host the brunch in Miami, Los Angels, Boston to name a few.

Visual Production

Getting into such a hands-on field, obtaining both her bachelor's and masters degree provided her with the book knowledge needed. Many of internships and volunteer experiences provided Milan with the hands-on part she was missing. By the time she started her company, she was well equipped.

Being A Black Woman In The Industry

I believe certain stereotypes will be overridden with others. The current ones may not be as prominent but others can arise and we will be back to square one.

5 Day Launch

During her start-up stages, her social media following wasn't as large as it is now. So she had to rely solely on word of mouth, referrals and some social media. Now, Milan can certainly say social media is the driving force behind a lot of the clients she's attracted. 

Social media is a great way to attract and reach your consumers, they offer so many options that allow marketing, advertising, and overall promotion.

To find out more about Milan Mobley, follow her on her on Instagram @entrepreneuhers_brunch!


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