Why TV Personality, Diandra Barnwell, Chose To Transition From E! To An Influencer In Health And Fitness


By Amani Allen-Beale

You might recognize Diandra Barnwell from “So Cosmo” on E! where she worked as the brand coordinator for Cosmopolitan magazine. Diandra is now switching paths to influencer and health expert. From learning how to deal with negativity to remaining how to be authentic and empowered, learn how Diandra has made her transition from TV to influencer in under a year and what she has planned for 2018.

Life on Television

When Diandra first received the opportunity to be on television, like any other person, she was so excited. In the beginning, she told her producers that she was an open book . It was important to Diandra to peel back the layer of superficiality and superiority that is associated with the media industry. She wanted to make sure the viewers knew that life wasn't always photo shoots and fancy clothes. Real life happens behind the scenes and after hours.

It’s hard work, there are tears, you mess up, fall in love, disagree with people, laugh, and so much more!

Though being on television was fun, it also brought many insecurities and any negativity to the surface. Diandra's friends and family kept her grounded, supported her, and made her feel safe through the entire process. For Diandra, it's imperative to keep people who she knows will keep her focused and humble in her corner. As long as she has her family and closest friends, then she is happy. That kind of love puts things in perspective even on her days when she's feeling down. Knowing she has the best people behind her is Diandra's secret weapon.

I also keep my eye on the price. I’ve worked very hard to be where I am and the plan is to only accelerate from here, so I focus on the objective
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Fitness and Health Journey

Health and fitness has always been a big part of Diandra's life. At 4 Diandra was a competitive gymnast and at 8 she became a trained dancer. During high school, Diandra went on to do both cheer and dance where she competed at both state and national levels. Her choice to pursue health and fitness came very naturally. Her main challenge has been remaining patient and consistent in an industry that is constantly changing and evolving. With so many trends in both fitness and health popping up everyday, it’s so tempting to veer off track and follow the latest craze. So, for Diandra, staying on course with her goals has been about finding the happy medium between keeping up with the latest trends, but also sticking to her core knowledge of nutrition that she's been developing for years.

With her new ambassadorship with Blueprint Juice, it's almost like a dream come true. Diandra has always been a consumer and fan of Blueprint Juice so this partnership came very natural and aligned with her brand very well. She likes to make sure the brands she works with align with her personal brand and wants to make sure she stays true to herself. Working with brands, Diandra likes to remain herself and authentic, especially for her followers. 

As an influencer, it is so easy to partner with brands and sign deals for the sake of a payheck or social media likes but for me, it’s so important to remain authentic and share my knowledge from experiences I’ve actually done the groundwork for.

Diandra has a lot coming up as far as partnerships and ambassadorships go, and you better believe that each and everyone is for a brand she actually co-sign for. 2018 and every year is about the tried and true grind!

Remaining Authentic 

Authenticity has been one of Diandra's main objectives while building her own brand. Thinking back to her 12 year old self: bright eyed, and hungry to create a life that girls from Albuquerque only see on TV. She didn’t know how she was going to make it happen, but she knew that when she did she would do so in her own way. Fast-forward 16 years later, and she can honestly say that not much has changed from that mentality. As an influencer and brand ambassador in extremely saturated industries, it can be challenging to set yourself apart from the rest—there is always someone with a bigger following, more credibility, and a wider network. The key for Diandra has been aligning herself with brands and causes that she believes in, instead of signing onto something for the sake of a paycheck. While this method may take me a little longer, it makes her happy to know that she has done the fieldwork and she's giving advice based off of real life experience and passion. Her followers and supporters will only ever get the real deal from her, and that is something she extremely proud of, and she knows 12-year-old Diandra would be too!

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