Myosha Talks Fashion Do's and Don'ts and Celebrities Killing the Industry

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By Bri Stephens

Fashion is an ever changing and evolving industry. Trends change every day and sometimes it feels like every second.

Some people keep up with trends and others create the trends.

Myosha Porterie is definitely a trend setter. Born into a stylist and fashion forward family, she has always had an eye for coordination. At the age of 4 she was taught how to put color palettes together and today she is the owner of Porterie. Porterie presents simplistic, yet staple pieces that inspire women to be all they can be and dress according to their imagination.

Not only is Myosha taking on the fashion industry, but she also is the owner of Porterie web design. Continue reading to learn how she balances the two.


Are you the only child or do you have siblings? How was life growing up in your home? How did your upbringing shape you?

I grew up as an only child for 10 years until my brother came around in 2000. Growing up everything was awesome. My childhood was an awesome period. Ever since I can remember fashion has always been a part of my life. My parents were so stylish and they made sure I was too. I would say growing up in a fashion forward environment all the time and having parents who pushed me are what shaped my upbringing.

Were you ever bullied for anything as a child, teenager, or young adult? What are some things you learned about yourself from those moments?

I won't say I was bullied but I was made fun of sometimes because of how slim I was. I've always been thin. Back then kids would call me all sorts of names, but I didn't let that bother me. It made me confident. It made be embrace my slim-ness.

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You have your own successful boutique. What made you want to start an online boutique? When did you love for fashion begin?

I've always wanted an online store and as mentioned before I've always been into fashion since the age of 4. I would put together an outfit and it would coordinate so well.

My mom taught me early how to put color palettes together, what looks good and what doesn't. So, having an online store was eventually going to happen. I am also thankful for my boyfriend for pushing me harder to start an online store. He's the one that suggested I should use my last name as my brand name-- because its regal.

Web design and fashion are two different industries. Tell us more about your web design company and how you balance the two companies?

In my eyes, fashion and technology go hand in hand. You can't really do anything without technology. I go to school for computer info systems. Technology and web design is something I learned about a long time ago. I owned my first computer at age 9.

My company Porterie Web Design offers professional web design and branding services. My services include, but aren't subject to: logo design, business card design, portfolios, postcards, letterheads and soon to be t-shirts and email marketing.

Who are your favorite designers and why? What celebrity would you say is killing the fashion industry?

My favorite designers would have to be Gucci, Miu Miu, and Moschino because the pieces are so funky and unique. When I feel like being eccentric and playful those would be my "go-to's." Celebrities that always slay are Beyoncé' and Rihanna. Tammi Rivera has been slaying a bit and Tommi who are both from Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta-- along with Marlo H. and Rasheeda.

What are some of your fashion do's and do not's?

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I usually do what I want even it is a don't. However, I do live by a couple things:

  1. Never wear white after Labor Day

  2. If you're unsure about an outfit throw on a black Zara Moto Jacket (it fixes everything)

  3. Every person on this earth should have at least 1 pair of Distressed jeans. I have over 30!

What do you have in store for the rest of 2017?

My plans for the rest of 2017 is to continue to rejoice, love, prosper and complete all my goals. I have the fall collection coming soon, a new magazine I'll be publishing, more blog posts and styling. As for web design I have a couple more client projects to complete and hopefully I'll be adding on to the team.

Want more of Myosha? Visit her website or follow her on Instagram @thecreolebeauty