Lakeisha, Life Coach & CEO of a Trucking Company, Dishes on How She Succeeds In a Male-Dominated Industry


By Chelsea W

*sings* “Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you.”

Lakeisha is proving that and more as CEO of trucking company, 2 Women & a Rig. In pursuit of financial freedom and inspiring other women, Lakeisha and her business partner took a leap of faith, and they are now crushing it in an industry dominated by males.

Familiar with the concept of hard work since childhood, Lakeisha brings passion to everything she attempts and does, and it shows. As a life coach, she inspired her clients to live life on their own terms and stand up in their truth. Lakeisha believes intuition is key in navigating life and finds joy in helping women find themselves and their niche.

Lakeisha shared with us how she started, how she’s expanding her trucking company, her advice for overcoming insecurity, and how hard work plays a role in her life.

How was your childhood growing up? What has molded you into the woman you are today? 

My childhood growing up was fairly normal to me. I was raised by my mom and grandparents, and spent my childhood between both homes. I was at my grandmother’s house during the week for school and on the weekends, I went to my mom’s house.

There are several things that have molded me into the woman I am today, but honestly, there is one thing that stands out the most – I have always witnessed hard work. It has always been instilled in me to go after what I want, and this alone has a huge effect on the woman I am today. I know that if I don’t work for what I want or go after it, I will never have it!

What insecurities have you been faced with and overcome? What advice would you give to others with similar insecurities?

I have been faced with not feeling worthy enough and that everything I do is not enough. I have come a long way with this insecurity, and it’s still something I have my days with. My advice would be: just because someone does not see your worth does not mean you're not worthy. 


You're a life coach, what do you plan to accomplish in the lives of others?

I plan to help others live their life on their terms. I want to help them always live in their truth. I think sometimes we’re afraid to live a life outside what we have been shown. I want to continue to help women find their niche in life. Last but not least, I have my favorite mantra that goes with my coaching work: I honestly think that there is a blueprint to life, and it’s called your intuition.

You're currently working on publishing a book called "Nonperishable," what should we expect to learn and who is your audience? 

You should expect to learn about how even if the odds are against you, anything is possible. Who I want to attract is anyone who has ever felt that they couldn't do something because someone told them they couldn't. I am living proof that anything is achievable.

Tell us about your company, 2 Women & A Rig, and why you started.

We are of course two women and a rig. The reason why my business partner and I started 2 Women & a Rig is because we could not help but wonder what was on the other side of working for a trucking company. We wanted financial freedom, and we wanted to be a voice for other women, so that they could know that even though they may be in a male dominated industry, there is a place for women. We wanted to show everyone you can do whatever your heart desires. 

You're a CEO of a trucking company, and your industry is mostly dominated by men, what challenges have you been faced with?

The challenges I have been faced with is that since it’s a male dominated industry, they feel as if women can’t do their job. Brokers try to pay you less or try to make every situation easy because you're a woman. 
It's half way through the year, what goals have you already accomplished and how do you plan to execute the rest of them?  

The last goal we accomplished was purchasing 10 1/2 acres of land for our trucking company. This was a very big milestone for us to keep expanding. I plan on executing my goals one at a time. Making sure that I do something each day that leads me to that goal.