Why Carly Zimbone Believes There’s No Wrong Direction in Life



By Brittany Des Vignes

What do you do when someone tells you no? Or, when you’re denied the opportunity you so desperately wanted?

Do you turn around and throw yourself a pity party or do you fight for your yes and take action?

When Carly Zimbone, creator of TheEmpowerist, was faced with rejection, she took action. She didn’t accept no for an answer. Instead, she found away to turn things around for her good.

If you struggle with rejection, you definitely want to dive into our latest interview with Carly. She opens up about how she bounced back after being denied an opportunity she really wanted and she shares advice on how to live a balanced and fully present life, regardless of the twists and turns life brings. Her interview is a reminder to be empowered, be aware and feel alive, always.

Passion for Nutrition

Her passion for nutrition ignited when she discovered gratitude for the foods that positively compliment her daily life, this was a lifestyle change that transformed her life.

I realized that choosing to nourish my body with foods that are bright, beautiful, and packed with flavor generate a sustainable lifestyle that left me consistently energized.

From there, Carly experimented with cooking as a hobby and she discovered a passion for the creation process. Cooking wholesome meals kindled a new direction in her journey that led to new experiences. The process behind creating nutritious meals enables her to be gracious, meet amazing people and create beautiful memories. 

Empowering Others To Better Nourish Their Body and Mind

At the age of 18, she discovered a balanced routine that empowered her to consistently be the most amazing version of herself and enriched her journey. At this point, she was prepared to share her positive experiences with the intention of enriching someone else's journey.

She launched an Instagram account (@drive_thrive_alive) where she post balanced meals that are nutrient-dense and delicious so that others can visually see balanced nutrition. Three years later, this balanced lifestyle continues to compliment her journey by inspiring her to try new things, meet amazing people and have gratitude for nourishment.

Discovering balance in life ignites a sustainable path of happiness, variety, moderation and productivity.

Early Journey

Early on in her journey, she realized that we are all offered a limitless potential and the key to living a continuously enriched life is tapping into it. TheEmpowerist understands the whirlwind of life that each and every one of us is undergoing. All too often we forget to sit back and live in the moment. We forget to take time and prioritize ourselves and become caught up, paralyzing our adventures. 

I realized a solution to reverse this experience. If we choose to approach challenges as opportunities in disguise, continuously take action and rise above uncertainty: we are empowered and we will feel alive!

When she was 17 years old, she was not accepted to the business school where she aspired to pursue my degree in entrepreneurship. Although she was not accepted and experienced failure, she did not give up. Carly was empowered to take action and jump on the opportunity to appeal the decision because she truly believed this school was the next chapter of her life. This moment kindles the essence of taking massive action and designing your life. 

At this point, her passion for spreading the foundations of empowerment ignited! In her letter of appeal, she explained the power of stepping outside of your comfort zone, she translated her vision for her experience at the university and explained her passion for creating a balanced lifestyle during her time on the campus.

This balanced lifestyle consisted of harmonizing self-empowerment, gratitude, nourishment, travel, and fitness. One week later, her journey was enriched because she received a confirmation call that she was accepted into my dream school. This moment taught her the power of taking action because you never know where it will lead.

Lessons Learned From Taking Action

She acknowledged that flying 1,300 miles away from home, stripped of all that she knew so far, would require a brand new level of personal accountability. This realization empowered her to discover a balanced routine that positively complimented her goals.

First, Carly began focusing on generating a consistent health and fitness routine that left her feeling ready to conquer each day. The summer of her freshman year, she was undergoing a full-time internship at a corporate bank in Massachusetts. She maintained this balanced lifestyle throughout the course of her internship and discovered that each day she consistently empowered myself to "be the most amazing version of myself today." This mentality ignited TheEmpowerist movement because she learned how to consistently be empowered, be aware and most importantly feel alive.

From there, Carly created a logo that represents an empowering compass, signifying that ‘no direction in life is the wrong direction.’ The beauty of taking action is the uncertainty of where it will lead and the opportunities that will arise as a result. This is limitless potential.

Without uncertainty, life becomes very uninteresting, very quickly. The beautiful aspect of taking action is that regardless of the outcome we each have the power to dig deep and find a lesson that we can learn from and create a future filled with endless opportunity. This mentality flips any negative experience into a positive light that is a gift to our future.

Once we take action, the most challenging part is consistently ‘showing up.’ Today, TheEmpowerist strives to help people continuously enrich their lives through the foundations of self-empowerment and creating a balanced routine. 


Changing The Life of Others

Over the course of her journey, Carly's passions continue to positively compliment her life, allowing her to enrich the lives of others along the way. She is someone who thrives off of discovering what makes someone tick. Discovering this passionate energy is vital to assisting one with feeling purposeful, day after day. After working one-on-one with others, Carly discover a passionate energy within the individual that is deep and purposeful. This passion assists the individual with taking a step back and living in the moment.

The individuals discover a positive and sustainable outlet as a result of being aware. After this discovery, they are consistently motivated to take massive action and positively enrich their journey with the intention of feeling alive. 

Stepping outside of your comfort zone keeps life consistently exciting.

Vision For The Future of Your Career

Carly's vision is continuous learning so that she can positively impact those around her through her stories and lessons. As she continues to grow, she challenged herself to be empowered to take action, be aware of how she feels along the way and feel alive by celebrating life.

These moments are what enable her to spread the gift of persistent self-empowerment in a life filled with uncertainty. As her story unfolds, She strive to step outside of her comfort zone and travel around the world to spread TheEmpowerist movement so that she can help unite a variety of individuals and enrich their journeys.  


Advice For Anyone Who Wants to Follow Carly's Footsteps

Reflect upon moments in your life that allow you to feel alive, these are your passions, run with them! In life, we each go through different experiences at different times within our lives. These experiences are lessons that serve to enrich our journey. Allow this mentality to assist with understanding the different perspectives of individual journeys; this insight is the essence that no direction is the wrong direction.

Lastly, we are all offered a life filled with limitless potential, the key is challenging yourself to take massive action, show up and be the best that you can be. And in challenging moments, rise above the uncertainty, understand that it is temporary, discover the lesson and grow as a person. Without continuous growth, our purpose on earth is limited. Challenge yourself to always be learning and be the best that you can be each and everyday. From there, celebrate life often!

Challenges are a gift in your journey, approach them as opportunities in disguise.

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