Fashion Tap’s Amy Roiland on Owning Your Style

By Desiree Hicks 

Amy Roiland is ambitious, fashionable and the best friend you wish you had to tell you what you should wear on dates – even though she despises that question.

More than that, Amy is the blogger behind and the founder of Fashion Tap. Just last year she was featured on Shark Tank for her app, Fashion Tap, the go to place for people constantly commenting on Instagram posts with questions like, “Where did you get that from?”

Amy took some time to share more about her app, her blog and her love for fashion below. 

What sparked your interest in eye wear fashion?

I have always been obsessed with eyewear, even though I don't even wear prescription glasses. I think glasses are the perfect accessory to every outfit. 

Your style is so unique. Growing up, was your style always different from other kids? Or was it something you later developed?

I feel like my style has always stood out, I always dress to be funny. If I look in the mirror and laugh or make other people smile or laugh, I am doing my job. I express myself with what I wear and it makes me super happy. I used to be a skater when I was younger, I turned super girly at the age of 16. Jennifer Love Hewitt was my style icon up until I was 22. 

What is your advice to women who are afraid to be different with their style; women who are afraid to start their own trends?

Just go for it, wear what you want to wear. It drives me crazy when people ask what should I wear today? Or, what should I wear to this event? Wear what you want, always dress how you want. Dress up of course, but dress how you like and wear what makes you feel happy. Be bold. Don't be afraid! 

Wear what you want, always dress how you want. Dress up of course, but dress how you like and wear what makes you feel happy.

amy 3.png

What would you say has been your biggest obstacle within your profession, and how did you overcome it? 

Probably dealing with other women in this industry. The fashion industry can be brutal and women in it can be very mean, competitive and jealous. I love to be positive and nice to everyone and help everyone no matter what. I just laugh at these people and dance my way away from them. 

I love it! You are also the CEO of FashionTap app. What do you want people to gain from it? 

FashionTap makes all social networks shoppable and earns you a percent of each sale you drive. You can tag your jacket from Nordstrom and when it sells you make 12% of the sale. We pay you out via paypal at the $50 mark. We make Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. all shoppable. Plus, on FashionTap, people can find you for work by what you do in fashion and your location. I was on Shark Tank with my app as well, Season 7, ep. 26!


If you’re interested in Amy’s eyewear, visit her website, You can also find Amy at and on Instagram, @afashionnerd.