Why You Should Read Chaneya Joyner’s New Blog, The Savvy Singer

In the age of the internet, if you’re amongst those who love to catch up on blogs, you now have a new one to read: Savvysinger.com.

Chaneya Joyner took advantage of the new year and decided to finally start the blog others have been requesting for her to create. The Savvy Singer is for those who love both music and fashion.

As a college student, finishing her last semester, Chaneya has her days filled with one task after another but she still finds time to blog, rehearse for her school Opera and study for her classes.

In our interview with her, Chaneya shares the secret to balancing her schedule and the most surprising thing about her new love for blogging.

Tell us a little more about you. What was it like growing up in your household? How did your negative and positive experiences shape who you are today?

Well I'm originally from Miami, Florida and I moved to Georgia going into the 8th grade; huge difference from where I grew up but I'm thankful for the change.

Growing up, I would say that I had a great childhood. I was taught a lot of core values at a young age and was always taught to think for myself. All of the experiences I've had throughout my life really shaped who I am as a person. One of the biggest things that shaped my life was losing my grandmother to breast cancer when I was in 5th grade. I never attended daycare because she watched me and we were really close. That really broke my heart. It really made me realize that tomorrow isn't promised and to cherish each day you have with the people you love.

What inspired you to start your blog, savvysinger.com

Well, I love beauty and fashion and I always try to make sure I'm put together. People would always ask me where I bought something (I'm a huge sale shopper). I would always get questions about what I was wearing or advice on outfit ideas and I was told that I should start a blog.

I wanted to do it, but I kept putting it off. I think out of fear. No one likes to fail! I think going into 2017, I really wanted to focus on myself and do things that made me happy. So, I took the plunge and started a blog. It's not easy but it's so much fun!

In what ways has the creation of your brand and blog surprised you?

Going into blogging I was like, "No one's going to read this except for my mom, sister and maybe a few friends!" I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from peers and people who I don't really talk to on a regular basis. What’s even more surprising is that I’ve even had friends tell me that seeing my blog inspired them to want to blog themselves, which is awesome!

What’s even more surprising is that I’ve even had friends tell me that seeing my blog inspired them to want to blog themselves, which is awesome!

As women, we often face many insecurities, some that never seem to go away. What insecurities have you had to overcome?

I think one of the biggest things growing up really has been my skin color. From elementary school until now, the schools and area I’ve been in have been predominately white. There's nothing wrong with that but when I was younger, I had more white friends than black friends. I used to wish that I had a different skin color to blend in. I got called a "white-black person" for the people I was around. That really hurt me because I never tried to be anything but myself and my mom always told me, “Stay true to who you are.”

You know, here I am naturally tan, bigger lips and different features and trying to remain positive in my surroundings. I've gotten those comments even now that I'm older, but I correct those statements said by those people and I brush it off. 

How do you balance your time between music, blogging and school?

It's hard sometimes. Right now, I'm in my last semester of undergrad and I'm in the school Opera called "Patience" so rehearsals are in full swing as our show is nearing in 2 weeks. I have a planner that I write everything down in so I can see exactly what I have going on when and where. This helps me make sure I devote time to every area efficiently. I tend to focus on my blog (i.e taking photos, stock piling posts) more on the weekends so in case anything comes up, I still have content to put on my blog. It's all about time management.


If you could accomplish just one thing this year, what would you love to make happen?

It would definitely be to travel more. I got to do a little bit of traveling last year and that was amazing. So, going to a new state and doing cliché touristy things, I'm all for it!

Want more of Chaneya? Visit her website, Savvysinger.com.