Why Sharon Beason is the Ultimate Womeneur

Sharon Beason is the essence of Womeneur.

With no idea, how things would turn out, she left her comfortable six-figure lifestyle to pursue her greater calling.

As a Corporate Accountant, Sharon had a deep passion for more. She knew that life had more to offer her than the routine, tiresome life that she was living. And so, after two years of side hustling, Sharon quit her job and decided to walk the narrow path of full-time entrepreneurship.

Had she not made this bold decision, Womeneur who not be able to inspire the more than 80,000 followers it impacts on Instagram a day.

But Sharon isn’t just the founder of Womeneur, she also the CEO of another business, a motivational speaker and an author of her first book set to be released soon. How does she do it all? Dive into our interview to find out.

Before you became the well-known Womeneur we know you to be today, you were an accounting professional. Could you tell us about your experience transitioning into entrepreneurship? At what moment did you decide you wanted to branch out on your own? 

I enjoyed my Corporate Accounting career. I learned a lot and I was good at what I did. But I began feeling so enslaved by my job. Everything I did evolved around going to work. I'd come home so beat after working long hours and traveling nationally excessively.

I knew I wanted to start a business and in 2006, I did. However, I was still working at a demanding, full-time job. I realized I couldn't do both and while I began to focus more on my business, my corporate work was suffering (yes, I would sneak and do my business work).

I knew I had to quit, but I was afraid to leave my comfort zone of a steady, six-figure income, health insurance, paid vacations and no struggles or 'what ifs.

So, I created a plan. I saved like crazy, stuck to a strict budget and I told myself once I landed two retainer clients I'm quitting. And two years later, I did. My salary drastically dropped, I had no health insurance, things were uncertain, but I felt so much freedom.

Amazing! It's so easy for other people to see your life and think that you have it all together. But as women we all face insecurities. What insecurities have you had to overcome?

You're so right about that. I had to overcome the insecurity of people not wanting to 'let me in'... or better yet...not 'fitting in'. I am somewhat rebellious. My hair is different, I don't dress like the typical 'fly girl' and so therefore I don't blend in.

I was never the popular girl and I thought I had to be. But all my corporate life and even when I began my first business, I felt like I had to fit in. When I began noticing people appreciating me for being me, for remaining true to me and who I am, it drastically increased my confidence. I was at a point where I truly didn't give a f— what people thought...and my oh my, what freedom that gives you.

Your life seems to be pretty packed, managing All About Brooklyn Concierge and Womeneur. How do you balance it all and what do you do to make sure that you don't get burnout with your many tasks and projects?

Well, fortunately my days of consistent burnout are over, but once in a blue moon it still happens. I truly believe it comes with the territory. My concierge business is pretty self-sustaining, so I'm pretty much hands off. But even with a personal assistant and systems and processes in place to automate some of work flow, I still burn out - or I should say I don't always get a restful or enough sleep. And that can be for a number of reasons - anxiety or a noisy, early bird neighbor may disrupt my sleep.

Then, there are those once a month nights where I am up burning the midnight oil. But to streamline my workflow, I delegate to hired or volunteered help, especially with short-term projects. I automate my work flow, use share files, follow a strict schedule and learned to discipline my work flow (i.e. don't answer every incoming call or email, I schedule times to return phone calls and review/respond to emails).

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You recently announced the completion of your book. What inspired you to write your book?

Aah yes, my book! I literally just gave my book coach the manuscript last week. I always wanted to write a book, but I thought it wasn't going to be until like 2018 or 2019. People kept asking when was I going write a book, or saying, “You should write a book,” or, “I can't wait to read your book.” All of this was very inspiring and motivating.

However, what really did it was this: I frequently published a category to the Womeneur Instagram called WomeneurGameplan. This entailed one post with about 4-5 action plans instructing my audience on how to do something or implement something and it was wildly popular. Without giving you all the details of the book, I will say, this is what greatly inspired me.

What can attendees expect from this year's WomeneurCon? Why is it important for women to attend?

Guests can expect a full-day conference of interactive and listen & learn workshops, keynote speakers and panels facilitated by industry leaders. Everything a female entrepreneur wants to learn about starting a business, branding, marketing, funding her startup, market research, finances and so much more. Everything needed to launch, operate and grow your business will be at this event.

As entrepreneurs we can find ourselves so overwhelmed with the many tasks and projects we think we must accomplish. What is one thing you advise women in the early stage of entrepreneurship not to focus on or worry about?

Do not worry about getting everything right or perfect. Start. Do. Implement and improve as you go. Also, don't try to launch with too many services or products. Become a go-to source for one or two things. Then grow and scale by adding a little at a time.

Don’t try to launch with too many services or products. Become a go-to source for one or two things. Then grow and scale by adding a little at a time.


Want more of Sharon’s tips, well you probably already know where to find her. But if not, head to @Womenenur on Instagram.