How Jordan Gill Created Systems That Truly Saves Her Life & Time  

By Laci McKinney

The upbringing of moving around taught Jordan to be super flexible and adaptable to new situations. In her role as an entrepreneur – owner and operator of The Kolada Group, Jordan gets to use the skills learned in her upbringing to organize and simplify the lives of her clients.  

Jordan recently shared with Pink Productions memories from her childhood, her influences in her journey as an entrepreneur and tips for business owners looking to gain more time in their busy schedules.  

Hang on, there is a lot shared that will benefit entrepreneurs, influencers, and anyone that can't get everything done in the short 24 hours of the day.  

How did your childhood shape you into the person you are today? 

I grew up moving around a lot because of my dad's job as a football coach. That taught me early on how to be super flexible and adaptable in any situation. Boy oh boy has that been helpful when building a business. You are getting thrown curveballs every day. And, the amount of decision making? Forget about it! After 2:00 p.m., my Project Manager knows that I am all done with decisions for today. Come at me tomorrow. 

Did you have any major life influences that inspired you take the route of entrepreneurship? 

Honestly, no one in my family is an entrepreneur, so it was definitely a shift from the norm. A lot of my family went to get second degrees as doctors, lawyers, and other sorts. I vowed I was never going to get a second degree (I stand today with my master’s in executive leadership), but my biggest major life influences are my parents. They are my biggest cheerleaders and when I set out on this journey, neither of them looked at me cross-eyed or discouraged me from taking the leap. I'm not sure I would've had the courage to do that if I didn't feel supported in becoming an entrepreneur. 

What three tips can you offer to a business trying to simplify their operations? How can the KoladaGroup help? 

My 3 tips all sound really simple and they are...until, you realize it's a daily practice.  

Tip #1 - Create a block schedule for yourself. Block scheduling is when you create blocks of time in your week to do only certain tasks. That amount of sheer focus will get you a TON done. For example, my Mondays are Client Calls, Tuesdays and Fridays are all work days (no one can disturb me), and Wednesdays and Thursdays are my masterminds, podcast interviews, etc... I stay within my block schedule 80% of the time and when I do, it is a HUGE difference on how productive I am. 

Tip #2 - Create checklists for everything you do in your business. Once you are ready to hire (and by ready, I mean it's probably a few months late), it will be a much easier transition. They can be as simple as Google Docs or you can put them in a project management software in Asana. Just keep a log of activities you do so someone can take them off your plate eventually. 

Tip #3 - Make time for a mindset practice. This will help with anxiety from your business operations mess. Yes, it sounds very woo (which is not my norm). However, I've recently been experiencing major positive shifts in my business since implementing this. It could be simply journaling about your day, writing 3 things you're grateful for, writing "I am" affirmations, etc. Massage is part of mine as it truly calms me down. 

Make time for a mindset practice. This will help with anxiety from your business operations mess.

The Kolada Group can help with simplifying your business operations through a solid implementation plan to get as much off your plate as possible. It then falls into two areas - your tech and your team. We are able to take off (on average) around 50-60% of what was on the business owner's plate when we work with them. That's a huge difference. 

Sounds like every business owner needs you in their life! You also have a podcast called Systems Saved Me, what systems do you use on a daily basis that save you?  

Oh man, I have quite a few systems! 

System #1 - One system or routine is that I don't take calls before 10am. I am not a morning person and since I'm in charge of my schedule, I say no calls before then.  

System #2 - Another one is my two-tab rule when I'm working. If I need intense focus, I turn my phone onto airplane mode and only have 2 tabs open in 1 window at a time. It really forces you to be organized, trust me!  

What can we expect from The Kolada Group in 2017? Any major goals to accomplish?  

We have a few things up our sleeves! We just finished up a Batching Bootcamp Live that was super fun. I batch my social content in 1 week to cover 3 months of social. It's pretty impressive. My boot camper's shoot for 1 month. I'm a bit of a batch freak.

Then, I'm excited for a few new opportunities to work with us including Planning Session VIP Days (at the Ritz-Carlton!) as well as a certification program happening in Quarter 3 of this year. We keep our heads down for each quarter, but I have rough dates for those. Other than that, I've got 4 speaking gigs on the horizon in the next months and just continuing to get the word out about us!  

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