Nicole Neimroff Talks Beauty, Makeup, Clients & Confidence

By Laci McKinney

Growing up did you ever have that one friend who loved to find any reason to do your nails? Or, who always found a way to make you feel beautiful, just because? Well for many, that friend was Nicole. She’s always had a natural ability to pamper and cater to others.

Today, she’s turned her passion for beauty and makeup into a business in Atlanta, Georgia. Nicole caters to clients in such a way that they leave feeling not just beautiful, but confident, anytime they leave her lounge.

She took some time to tell us how she does it all and she also shares a few simple skin care tips that you can easily implement into your beauty routine.

What experiences growing up shaped the woman you are today?

There are so many childhood experiences that helped shape me into the woman I am – I couldn’t point out just one. I will say that I now understand that everything that happened to me, happened for a reason. There was absolutely nothing that occurred in my lifetime that was without purpose and that goes for good and bad things. I think that really forced me to go even harder for everything that I wanted in life, business and personal.

When did you find you passion in beauty and makeup?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved being pampered. But, I also was totally obsessed with doing the pampering as well! I would always ask my friends and family members if I could do their nails, makeup, and facials.

Whenever my friends saw the outcome, they would want me to do their nails faithfully. Or after a facial, they would look in the mirror and say, “Wow!” and that made me feel good. I love when people look in the mirror and smile. It really makes me feel good to make people feel good about themselves. Of course, we all know beauty isn’t skin deep, but I do know that when your exterior looks and feels good, it gives you that extra boost of confidence to go out and face the world and feel awesome about it!

Plus, eyebrows and lashes can really make or break someone! The eyebrows are the nonverbal communicators of the face, it’s almost the first thing you see on a person.

 How does Nicole’s Beauty Lounge Atlanta help women increase their confidence?

When I service a client, my goal is to help perfect and enhance their natural beauty, and not make a woman feel like they need to look like a totally different person to achieve a specific look. 

When it comes to brows, I go off of everyone’s face shape. Whether its round, oval, or heart shaped, everyone’s arch is different. I don’t create a totally unnatural shape, I use the natural shape of their brows or train the brow to grow into a natural shape, so the brow matches the face. Also, I talk to my clients, whether its small talk or just sharing funny stories, I want my clients to feel like they are hanging out with their girlfriends when they sit in my chair.

I want my clients to feel like they are hanging out with their girlfriends when they sit in my chair.

It’s very important for me to create a stellar experience when I service a client. Many of my clients live very busy lives and sometimes their appointment is really the only peace they have in the day. When they get out of the chair and look in the mirror their reaction is priceless. Seeing them smile makes me smile.

 As a CEO of your own company, Nicole’s Beauty Lounge Atlanta, what business lessons have you learned that you are continuing to use in 2017?

The keys to my success story are discipline and consistency. I moved to Atlanta from Pittsburgh in 2014 by myself, not knowing a soul. I always wanted to move to Atlanta to start business, and that is exactly what I did with no hesitation.

When I decided to open my business, I had no one to explain or guide me as far as the right way of doing things. There wasn’t a list how to do it step by step so it was all a learning process, and I can admit I am still learning, A lot of things I had to figure out on my own. I have made a few mistakes and had to start from square one a few times, but it builds character and honestly it’s a very fulfilling journey. Always follow the golden rule! Treat others how you want to be treated and that goes for clients and colleagues.

Can you give our readers 3 skin care tips that we can do today to make our skin glow?

There are many tips to make your skin glow. Here are some of the easiest, yet my favorites:

1. Drink plenty of water!

2. Maintain an exfoliating routine once a week. Doing this will remove dead skin to give the skin the shine and freshness you desire! Be sure to keep the skin moisturized in the morning as well as at night.

3. Get a facial once a month. Just like training your brows to grow, you have to train the skin as well. Begin training your skin at home weekly with the methods above and once monthly with an esthetician.

If you want more from Nicole, follow her on Instagram, @nicolesbeautyloungeatl.