How Savello Became an Artist and Why You Can Become One Too


By Ericka Taylor

Can you become an artist?

You might say no, but Savello would tell you that you could do it! Anyone can become an artist with hard work, dedication and consistency and Savello is a testament to that. 

She discovered that she loved to paint when she decided to just do something fun one night. Before she knew it, she started spending long hours in the studio. It was at that moment she realized that she could do this forever.

What significant moments captivated your life growing up that inspired you to be the woman you are today?

My parents always worked really hard to provide everything that my siblings and I needed growing up. That meant, working a bunch of odd jobs and really not loving anything they did. But hey, they did whatever was necessary to give us what we needed and I am forever grateful for that.

In my end years of high school, my mom had a life threatening medical emergency. She was hospitalized for months and at first they were really unsure if she would actually make it. This event dramatically changed the family dynamic and my view on the world forever. Roles in the household reversed and we now cared for the one who cared for us our entire lives leading up to this point.

It really put into perspective how in just one moment everything you thought you ever knew, could change. Life has a crazy way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it and making you realize how precious each moment is in life.


Life has a crazy way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it and making you realize how precious each moment is in life.


Life and death are not that far apart, and we really don't know how much time we've been given. It can all change in one moment, and that moment can be at any place, any time, in any way. It made me truly appreciate life and what it had to offer. It also planted a small seed in my brain that would start to grow a little later in life – pursue your passion.

Photos by:  @RKM_Photography

Photos by: @RKM_Photography


What made you want to start getting into art and designs?

Throughout my college years, I was always the person to stay busy. I mean, busy. Internships, clubs, teams, full class schedule, working and paying bills. This seemed to be the theme for about 3 years. I can tell you, this gets exhausting.

By the time I graduated college and actually had a chance to breathe, I honestly didn't know what to do with my time. I felt like I had been doing so much stuff over the past few years but none of it was purely for my happiness. It was so bad that I actually had to think for a while and try to figure out what I could do that would actually make me happy, purely for the reason of smiling at that moment in time.

That’s when I knew there was something I had tucked under the rug, and it just so happened to be me. I think as humans it’s so important to take care of yourself and allow yourself to do things that bring you joy in the act of doing it.

I was always creative as a kid and loved to paint and draw, but never took classes in school. It was one of those careers that you assume people don't make money doing, so I never pursued it.

Finally, one night, I whipped out my old paint set and decided to spend a night painting something for my boyfriend at the time (who is now my husband). After painting for hours, I fell absolutely and deeply in love with it. This passion continued to flourish in such a natural and beautiful way. Every single night, I would get off work and paint – sometimes for 2 hours, and sometimes for 7-8 hours. I honestly couldn't get enough. 

Shortly after this, my husband and I moved to GA and made sure to get a house big enough for me to have a studio. And, after a few 8 hour days in the studio, I KNEW this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

Photos by:  @RKM_Photography

Photos by: @RKM_Photography


Many artists have a signature style that symbolizes or distinguishes them. What would you say is your signature style?

I would say my signature style is very bright, bold, and colorful. I use a lot of layering techniques with simple shapes to give my pieces depth. Lots of lines, dots, and shapes. I focus my style to come from within me. I do not try to replicate other people’s work or concepts. I challenge myself to dive within my soul, my mind, and my heart.

I would say, I'm best known for my collection of "face" paintings, my coffee paintings and the lined technique that you'll find in a lot of my pieces. 

If someone came to you that only knew how to draw stick figures and asked you if you believed if they could one day be an artist, what would you say?

YES! I believe anyone can be an artist. It’s about allowing yourself to express through the paint and the brush. Anyone can do that. We need to remove the expectation of what is going to come out and just focus on creating. 

What advice do you have for women hoping to become an artist?

Paint something every single day. Spend the time to find your style! With handwork and dedication, your art will evolve! Keep painting, keep designing, keep expressing. You can do it! Be confident in your work and your intentions when you're doing it. 


Photos by:  @RKM_Photography

Photos by: @RKM_Photography

What plans do you have for the year of 2017? What do you hope to have accomplished by the end of the year? 

For 2017, I'm booked for a lot more vending events and definitely hunting for some new installs, collaborations with other arts, and some wholesale clients. By the end of the year, I hope to have a set date and place for my first solo show, displaying a collection of 25-40 face paintings. This is a huge project I've been working on and I'm just at the point where I want to create a portfolio with the ones I have, so I'm super excited to talk to some galleries about it. 

For more of Savello, follow her on Instagram, @iamsavello.