Aspiring Entertainment Journalist Daniela Posso on How She Inspires Others


Fresh out of college, Atlanta personality Daniela Posso has advice for getting through the uncertainty of a young career. She keeps her role models, her faith in God and one more important ingredient in the mix to stay inspired to move forward.

Doubting yourself at the beginning of a new journey? Check out what Daniela had to say!

What are you working on right now?

Right now, I have tons of ideas that I want to start working on for the new year. First thing first, I’m actually looking for a job in my career field, something a little bit more stable. I want to get into a network since ultimately I do want to do TV hosting, broadcasting and things like that.

As far as what I’m doing on my own, I’m revamping my website. Originally, I started my site based around entertainment, and I always kept it positive. I never wanted to be a gossip columnist or anything, so my journalism was always shining media in a positive light. In addition to entertainment, I’m currently working on revamping the site to include business-related and inspirational content, as well as beauty and wellness content.

I want ultimately to create a platform for inspiration in all of those areas. I want to interview people that I find inspiring or anyone that I feel has a story to tell, or just share testimonies. I’m thinking about starting a blog on YouTube, too, so we’ll see how that works out.

What made you want to expand your footprint online with the website?

Honestly, I started wanting to revamp my site because I got kind of bored with entertainment. I love entertainment. I just got an itch to do more. I just really wanted to be able to inspire people. A lot of people are on social media and I feel like social media just gives such a false sense of reality sometimes because no one is really posting their struggle, so I wanted to interview people. Whether someone is an entrepreneur or just a celebrity or an up-and-coming artist or a small business owner—if they made it to the top then they have more than likely made it through tough times, so I just want to highlight that aspect of success because we don’t always see it on social media.

You can’t get caught up in the false sense of reality social media creates. And it’s hard not to, because social media is everything nowadays, but it’s not all real. I want to share real stories because I know that would be really encouraging and inspiring to people that are still making their way up, like myself.


You’ve finished school, you’ve had some internship experiences and you’ve done some things on your own. Now you’re ready to take it to the next level. Do you have any advice for anyone else who is at the same turning point?

My advice would be to stay consistent, and if whatever you’re doing is something that you really love and that you’re passionate about, then just don’t give up, because it’s hard sometimes.

Not only do we often want immediate results when we’re putting in work, but sometimes it takes forever, it seems like, and it’s hard not to give up or doubt yourself and wonder if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. If you love what you’re doing, consistency is key. Just keep working at it, and the consistency will pay off, and you may not see immediate results. It may take a while, and I can tell you I feel like I’ve been in internships for forever now, but I have been growing throughout all of my experiences, and it has definitely been well worth it.

If you love what you’re doing, consistency is key. Just keep working at it, and the consistency will pay off

Is there anything in particular that helps you balance all of your ambitions and live a healthy lifestyle?

Church and the gym. I work out five days a week, and I love it. I’ve become really into fitness, and just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I think exercise gives balance because sometimes when we go through hard times, we dive into our work. But when we overdo it, that reflects in our art. I like to have another escape, and I think the gym is great because it’s healthy.

And, I think my relationship with God definitely helps me stay balanced and grounded and to have some sort of guidance. It makes me feel like I’m on the right track. 

Who inspires you?

My parents inspire me the most. They are the hardest working people I know, especially originally coming to this country as immigrants from Colombia. Their example definitely inspires me.

My close friends also inspire me. They’re all working towards goals. They are in all different career fields, but they’re all hard workers, whether they’ve made it or they’re still in the process. They’ve just got good heads on their shoulders and they inspire me.

Lastly, I also admire and respect Oprah, and Ellen, because I just love them. First of all, I just love Ellen’s spirit. I always love her shows, and every time I watch it makes me happy and it makes me smile. She gives off such positive vibes. Oprah does the same in a different sense, as opposed to more comedy, she’s just full of wisdom.

Are there any lessons from 2016 that you are taking with you into 2017?

I graduated in December of 2015, so the beginning of 2016 was rough for me because I was so ready to get out of school, but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at the time. I don’t know if it was the transition of going from being super busy to having more time on my hands, which I wanted to work towards my career field, but it was a different experience from the school vibe.


I didn’t come out of school employed, so I was just trying to find myself. It was a huge transition to a new phase in my life, and it was really scary, but from there I kind of just got on my feet, and I just worked. Once I started working, I was lost and I didn’t really know where to start, but I just got started.

Sometimes I feel like we have a fear to just go for things, so once I just started working on anything, no matter what it was, things started to get better, and I started to see more results. And then, I was doing well, and towards the end of 2016, I was offered a job that I was super excited about. There was a big hold up, and I’m currently at the point where I’m still waiting, but not really waiting any more just because some time has passed now.

For the last month I’ve basically been unemployed, and times like that are pretty scary. But my relationship with God is what gets me through because I feel like there’s so much that I could be stressing about right now, but I have a sense of calmness. I know that’s because I trust God has plans for me, and as long as I’m putting in the work, I will be fine.

Most people only broadcast their life once they’ve made it. But it’s good to hear the people who are still trying, or the people who have made it—who share what they actually went through. Times like this is where I’m like “oh gosh, what’s going on?” It happens to everyone. It’s encouraging for others to see.

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