Yesenia Martinez on How God Molded Her to Let Others Shine

Your past can become a testimony for someone else, if you let it. Yesenia allowed God to transform her life and today she uses the stories of her childhood, along with her trials and tribulations to encourage and empower young teens to keep going.

Yesenia never saw herself as a youth leader but today she recognizes how her past shaped her into the person she is today. Learn more about Yesenia’s journey and how she plans to impact young men and women.

What motivates you to motivate others? How do you stay motivated?

My past; more like my testimony. If you were to ask me this question at 9 years old I would laugh. You would say maybe because you were 9 years old, but everything my eyes saw and my body felt at that age made me wiser. See, that’s how merciful our God is to us.

I grew up feeling surrounded by dark walls arounds me. I know how it feels to feel like there’s no hope, wondering if you’re even worth it. I know how it feels to have no motivation at all. In my lowest, at age 14, I was full of bruises and word in my mind and I almost committed suicide. That is when I accepted God in my life.

My motivation is God, my past, and the love I have for every person in this world. The feeling I get when I see how the words God puts in my mouth to say changes a person and creates a smile on their face is unexplainable. That is my motivation.

God used a broken girl who just walked in pain and pretended to put on a smile and turned her into a woman who just wants to let women, men, teens and kids know there is a God that can fill you up with his love.

We can’t control what the whole world does in the moment but we can control what we do to change the moment.

We can’t control what the whole world does in the moment but we can control what we do to change the moment.

I grow every day. I’m not perfect but we serve a God who is perfect. There came a point in my life when I was growing spiritually but lost track of taking care of myself. So, I stay motivated by praying and seeking God in my good and bad times. I would be lying if I said there were days I just couldn’t pray, but I do. And, let me tell you, that is when God will lift you up higher. I write and I make time for my thoughts and for Him.

Another key is to take care of you as well by eating healthy, making time to take care of your mind, soul and body. I keep doing what God called me here to do and my motivation keeps growing.

What lead you to become a youth leader?

The mantel that God placed in me. I didn’t know it at the time but God was molding me and still is to fulfil my purpose. As I was just starting my journey and letting go of all my past, I had some help along the way from two youth leaders, one beautiful lady named Sandra and a man that is still till this day an amazing friend, Antonio.

God had everything ready for me to follow. He has put so many people in my life, and at the moment I didn’t know they were a part of the plan—but now I see it. That’s why it’s true when people say we shouldn’t let a storm get us down because later on we will see the rainbow on the other side – whether it’s for lessons or blessings. I was amazed on how God worked in their life and how God used them to help me.

At that time, I didn’t see myself as a youth leader but you grow and God molds you if you let him. I was so shy growing up. I feared everything. As I grew older, I started getting out of my comfort zone and realized that as I work, God will show up. 

I fought through my shyness, my stuttering, and my flaws as I let God work. I stopped focusing on me and focused on seeing how God used me to make teens smile. He brought me through my situation so that I can help teens who are going through it and so that we could get through it all together. We try to always remember united we make a difference, flaws and all. Just let God overflow his love and love others.

How has your past shaped you into the person you are today?

When I started seeing my past as my testimony, everything changed. I stopped blaming God and started appreciating him because I realized as difficult as it gets, it’s all for a reason.

I stopped trying to cover all my flaws and became an open book for others to read and see how amazing God is to us. God turned a broken girl full of fear into a woman who can genuinely smile and embrace every moment that showed her each lesson. It all showed me how to have patience, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

I came from a home where, at five years old, whenever the door was slammed it was a reminder that I had to run inside my room. I came from a home that brought fear in believing in man, love, and self-worth as a woman.

Now, I am a 19-year-old woman who loves herself, isn't afraid to love and who has found her worth in God. I am a youth leader, a spoken word motivator, and currently studying in business. I am taking every step to let the light that God put in me shine so that I can see others shine.

What accomplishments are you reaching for in 2017?

I want to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally. Last year, I know God was teaching me lessons that I am currently working on. I am also working on videos of spoken words to post on my YouTube Channel. I am going to keep getting out of my comfort zone and letting God guide me to keep on sharing my testimony. I want to see many people just place their burdens into our Gods hands so that they can rest & live up to the full potential that God made them to live.

I am also focused on growing our church into a church that reaches out and is not afraid to stand up. I don’t want to go a day without letting someone know how special and loved they’re no matter what they’ve done.

In your gift of spoken word, can you give us something in a few words to motivate us to keep moving toward greatness?

God made you for a reason. He molds you every day. It takes time but He made you to be amazing, beautiful, and unique. It takes time to move towards greatness but embrace every step you take and no matter where you’re in life always make time to look above and breathe. Just breathe. You’re never stuck. Dare to look back but only to see how far you’ve came. Keep going, it doesn’t end here.

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