Kristen Talks Reality of Adulting, Blogging and Her Natural Hair Journey

For Kristen, 2015 and 2016 might have been her most difficult years, but she is still tenaciously pursuing her purpose in the blogosphere. Creating her blog and YouTube channel are some of her prized victories and she still has so much more to come. Dive more into her story as she discusses overcoming depression and finding her purpose.


What has helped shape you into the woman you are today?

Growing up as a colored girl in South Africa has often left me very confused about who I am and what has shaped me.

My parents, education and church have had the biggest influence on me growing up but now I am finding my own path and identity. I have learned it is important to use what you've been taught as a foundation and discard what you don't agree with. Throughout life you will have defining moments and with all the influences out there, you have to block out everyone else's opinions and focus on what makes sense for you personally. Then, when you get to those defining moments, you will know what to do. 

What lead you to start blogging and YouTubing?

When I started my first job, I was very discouraged by the lack of creative freedom I had and I couldn't find fulfillment in my work. This led me to explore other interests and that’s when I decided to start my natural hair journey. I always envied Youtuber’s and I knew I wanted to make my own videos but I didn't know what topics to discuss. My natural hair journey then became my topic of discussion! 

What has been your most memorable challenge?

2015 and 2016 have been my most difficult years to date. The challenges I experienced with my expectations of adulthood and the reality I faced was very disappointing to me. In 2016, I battled and overcame depression and now I am developing coping mechanisms for the rough times. I realize that my temporary defeats were leading me to a more fulfilling path.

That’s an amazing way to look at life. What is your favorite quote or mantra to live by?

"Dare to be Different" is my favorite quote to live by. When I was in seventh grade, this was my teacher's motto. She always told us to “Dare to be Different.” It didn't mean as much to me before as it does today. I needed courage to start my natural hair journey. I needed to dare to stand out and encourage others.

What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers?

Everyone has a story to share and everyone's story is unique. What you as a blogger need to figure out is what's unique about you. Once you figure that out, you then have to share that with the world. When you focus on your unique contribution to the world, then you will find that opportunities come your way and the right people come into your life. When you're living a life that's expected of you instead of what's aligned with your true self, that's when life feels like a battle.

When you focus on your unique contribution to the world, then you will find that opportunities come your way and the right people come into your life.

What are your plans for the future? 

I am working towards my own business and I hope to make it a success one day. I am currently working on different projects in regards to natural hair and I’m also researching my ancestry. I hope to create a legacy that I can one day point to and say: "There. That's mine, I did that!"


You can find Kristen on YouTube and Instagram at CurlyKristenite. You can also check out her blog,