Shaa Bailey Shares How Poetry & Business Go Hand in Hand

Almost exactly one year ago, when we interviewed Shaa Bailey, we learned about how her grandfather’s love for poetry ignited her own passion and how the absence of her father impacted her childhood.

Today, Shaa is now a part of the Pink Productions as our Creative Writing Editor and in our updated interview she lets us in on latest poetry inspirations, plans to start her own company and so much more.


What has your poetry been about lately?

Peculiarly, my father.

I find myself writing of him, to him & for him more than I ever have.

It's quite an ambivalent feeling writing of a man you do not know.

Fortunately, it is the most transparent I have been in my art.

When and how did you obtain the opportunity to be Pink Productions very own Creative Writer Editor? How is it being a part of the Pink Productions family?

Oct 24, 2016.

Last year, I was blessed to have crossed paths with our wonderful CEO, Bri’Ann Stephens on social media. It is quite beautiful how God can use one as a vessel to enlighten others.

I feel honored be a part of such an inspirational movement that not only empowers women but gives women a platform to be heard.

I am content with these girls and truly feel like I am a part of a family.

You're planning to start your own company, what should we expect?

My ambition has always been to give rise to other writers like myself. God-willing, I will have my own publishing and editing company, named after my Grandfather, the man who inspired me to write.

My ambition has always been to give rise to other writers like myself

What are your goals for 2017?

I am constantly reminded by our CEO, that 2017 is the year of "growth."