Miss Houston, Chandler Foreman, on How She Plans to Impact All Women

At 20, Chandler became Miss Houston and she plans to compete in the Miss Texas competition this summer.

On top of that, Chandler is also a student at Texas Woman’s University and the co-founder of a women empowerment company.

Still, Chandler’s life hasn’t always been a walk in the garden. Find out how she overcame one of her biggest insecurities growing up, how she manages all her responsibilities and what she has planned for the future. 

As a child, we all face insecurities. What insecurity do you look back on and wish that you never even entertained? What made you get over that insecurity? 

Growing up, I didn't understand the importance of loving yourself, whether that was internally or physically. I struggled with self-love all throughout my childhood, all thanks to the gap in my teeth.

To say "one thing" made me get over that insecurity would be an understatement, because it took so many years, encounters and revivals to actually "get over it."

I told my mom I wanted to get braces once and for all to end my "ugliness." She wasn't for it, but she saw how distraught I was about it and agreed to set an appointment for April 14, 2013.

I told my track coach at the time about my appointment and how thrilled I was. She then went on a huge spiel about how Madonna was so successful and so loved because of her uniqueness and the gap in her teeth, because no one else really had it and that made her special. She told me I don't have to look like everyone else, that it's not a bad thing and if anything it makes me stand out more.

In what way has becoming Miss Houston, impacted the way you view and interact with women?

Being a part of the Miss America organization has only inspired me even more to empower women across the globe. This organization provides and opens so many doors for young women to not only achieve their scholastic dreams, but also selflessly give, encourage others and raise awareness about an issue that's near to the heart.

Houston is my hometown and I said when I turned 20 that I wanted to be Miss Houston because I felt that God gave me that age to impact all women.

My journey thus far only being crowned for 3 months has been remarkable. I love being able to do my job as Miss Houston and a women empowerment leader, while also dedicating myself to my organization, KweentoQueen with my sister.

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?

I love having priorities because it teaches discipline and it keeps you occupied. I'm a sophomore at Texas Woman's University, studying English and Broadcast Journalism and I hope to finish my second semester with a 3.8 GPA.

KweentoQueen, a women empowerment organization I started with my sister, will be launching it’s newest campaign featuring talented, amazing women and I can't wait to see what that does for them and us! While devoting my time to those things, I will also be training hardcore for the Miss Texas Crown in July 2017.

What advice would you give to young women interested in following your footsteps? 

It may not always "appear" that everything you want is going to work out in your favor. Because the saying is true, "everything ain't for everybody."

But you must keep in mind that you were put on this earth for a reason; to be the salt and light in this earth. Don't be afraid to explore on your journey towards success.


For more of Miss Houston, follow her on Instagram, @_queenchandler.