Laci McKinney Shares Lessons She’s Learned from Love & Business

So many things make Laci McKinney admirable. But I would have to say her transparency is at the top of the list. In our in-depth interview with Laci McKinney she opens up about what must have been the most difficult moment of her 2016.

Her transparency is not only inspiring but it’s motivating. It reminds us to not let our situations define us and to find the light at the end of the tunnel.  

Dive into our interview with Laci to learn more about her most difficult moment thus far, her business, The People’s Voice PR, and so much more.

Often times, our most difficult moments are our most defining moments. What was the last most difficult moment in your life, how did you get through it and what did you learn from it? 

Wow! Does this mean I have to be transparent? I truly have an issue being transparent with the difficult times in my life.  I feel as though, if you see me hurt, you will know my weakness and not see me for the strong person I portray.

Here goes, I went through a divorce in 2016. Not where I imagined I would be in my life at that moment but I made a decision for happiness. I made the decision for peace in my life and I made the decision for growth. I felt like I was in a hole sinking and there was no way out. I felt as though I was alone even though I stood before God and said I do with another. It wasn't healthy for me so I said enough. I believe going through that has made me become open to talking about what hurts me, asking for help and showing that I am not as strong as I look. And, that’s ok!

I’m getting through it every day. I pray, I exercise, I stay connected with friends and family and I am focusing on the positive things in my life. I also allowed myself to feel the pain. It wasn't what I wanted for me but I felt it was what I needed at the time. 

I’ve learned that its ok to choose myself and my happiness for my health, for my peace of mind and for my future. I’ve learned not to hold on to the past and the pain. I’ve learned to push through and I’ve learned that God has me. 

I truly believe there is someone out there for me but in the meantime, I am just going to enjoy life and embrace what’s for me right now. 

Wow, indeed. Thank you for sharing such a trying time in your life. You are still strong to us! I know, as a child, we all face insecurities. What insecurity do you look back on and wish that you never even entertained? What made you get over that insecurity?

As a child? Heck, I have insecurities as an adult. But, I recall being a bit overweight. I was teased about it and yes it hurt my feelings.

Kids can be mean and I find myself as an adult paying attention to how others are being treated and I find myself correcting people that are being out right ugly. I would tell my son, don't be that kid that picks on people. If you see someone that is being picked on, take up for them. 

I got over it by losing the weight. I danced in high school. I was on the Duncanville High School High Hat Drill Team my junior and senior year. It really got me into shape. I also chose to minor in dance. I must say, dance was my first love and still something I enjoy to this day. As an adult, I’ve embraced who I am, I work out to stay in shape, even though it’s a battle with the love of food and because it hurts. I also make sure I keep myself up. I pay close attention to my makeup, my hair and my clothes. If you look good, you feel good. 

In what way has working on the Pink Productions team impacted the way you view and interact with women? 

I have always been an advocate for positivity and Pink Productions is a true model of positivity, growth and the celebration of women. I recall talking to Adunola during my interview and I hung up the phone so impressed by the process.

I've been introduced to so many people and organizations and I must say this is by far one organization that is shining and will make a positive impact on people, especially women. 

My interaction with women is still one of support but now I am always looking to see if I could share their story with the Pink Productions audience. 

As the CEO of your own company, The People's Voice PR, what business lessons are you taking with you from 2016 into this new year? 

I am learning every day, but the most important lesson I am learning is, if I don't try, I will never know if I can make it. I was scared to announce that I had a passion and skill for public relations and strategic thinking.

I would always down play my abilities and one day I told myself, you’re going to do this and stop downplaying who you are and what you can contribute. Once I stopped downplaying my skills, knowledge and ability; opportunities started to come to me.

Often time, we don't start because we want everything to be perfect or we are afraid to fail. Failing and imperfection is a part of life; embrace it, work through it and learn from it. 

Another lesson would be always be in the mode to learn. I’ve gained so much from the people around me by watching them, asking questions and using every moment as a teaching moment. I am always up for the challenge to sharpen my skills and I find opportunities daily to do so. I read, I listen to podcast, I try new business strategies and I just ask someone how to do something. 

My last lesson is having people around you to support your vision. Sometimes the entrepreneurial journey can be lonely but take the time to find your tribe. Not everyone will believe in your vision, understand your hustle and support you getting there.

Sometimes the entrepreneurial journey can be lonely but take the time to find your tribe

If that is the case, those aren't the people you need to be around at the moment. I’ve found a few business buddies and it’s been the best thing for me. We text at 6 a.m., we call whenever and we meet for random chit chats, just to check in on one another. It’s been the best thing for me and my growth in my business. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2017? 

I’m looking forward to opportunity. We now have 365 days, minus a few, but you get my point. We get to start over. We get to keep doing more of the positive things and we get to stop doing the things that just don't work. My year started off on a great note and I plan to keep the momentum throughout the year. Hope you all join me! 

I have so much going on in 2017 and I hope you follow me on my journey via social on Instagram, @thepeoplesvoicepr & @laciymckinney. My website is