Phe Morgan Talks Pheelosophy & Overcoming Her Most Difficult Moment


So often do we take our siblings for granted. We never think twice about the shouting matches we get into with them. We take for granted their presence and a lot of times we don’t always value the friendships we have with them.

Phe opens up about the moment she realized that she was close to her brother and how the experience changed her forever.

She also shares the details of her new lifestyle blog, Pheelosophy, which launches today!


What has been the most difficult moment in your life and how did that moment help mold you into who you are today?

The most difficult moment in my life was when I lost my younger brother Keith. He passed away at the age of 15, exactly 7 years ago on this very day. It was so sudden and unexpected. He collapsed in our driveway from sudden cardiac arrest after playing football with close friends and since then life has never been the same.

The following school day, I got up enough courage to attend classes in an attempt to continue my normal life (avoiding the grieving) but it never returned to that. My brother and I didn’t leave off on the best of terms and for years it tortured me. I didn’t get the chance to right my wrong but I was eventually able to forgive myself. I never realized how close we were until he was gone. I miss him every day.

Fortunately, I had an unbelievable support system: an abundance of family, neighbors, friends, faculty, coaches, our church congregation, etc. If it weren’t for their prayers and support, I wouldn’t have maintained my sanity. I use his passing as a wakeup call and as fuel. I now take advantage of every second on earth.

Your strength is incredible. Thank God for your support system. As a child, we all face insecurities. What insecurity do you look back on and think, “Why did I care so much about that?”

I wish I never entertained the comment, “You’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl.”

Being somewhat satisfied with that half ass compliment was a failure on my part. As a young child, it made me feel less than. As if the way God made me wasn’t good enough. I shouldn’t have let other people’s insecurities and opinions make me feel inferior.

Luckily, I had an amazing mother and strong female role models who continuously reassured me that my complexion was and is unique and beautiful. I eventually grew to be proud of the skin I was blessed with. I am forever grateful for all the women who guided and nurtured me along the way.

In what way has working on the Pink Productions team impacted the way you view and interact with women?

In retrospect, I’ve been around my fair share of women who have peeped my progress, smiled in my face and shaded my accomplishments. Let’s face it - we all have. Many of us are not about our business and are too caught up on what the next woman is doing. I am a strong advocate for Community Over Competition. There’s more than enough room for us all to make it in our respective paths.

Joining Pink Productions has altered my perception of women-owned businesses.

Being on this team has allowed me to challenge my thoughts and the preconceived notion I had about working in women only agencies. You know, the cattiness, opposition, and two-sided admiration. It takes too much energy to keep up, pick a side or to stay neutral.

Everyone on the Pink Prods team is striving to learn from one another. We take on each other’s challenges and celebrate one another’s victories as if they were our own. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by a group of confident & secure women who uplift you and endlessly speak positivity into your life. It’s essential to hear each other’s voices, not talk over them, and that’s the epitome of Pink Prods.

What are you most looking forward to in 2017? Tell us more about your lifestyle blog.

In 2017, I look forward to getting to know my boundaries and then crushing them. I’m excited about the learning curve ahead of me. I want to absorb as much information as possible, ask questions and polish my craft. I really want to get my name out there. As a female curator, I want to push the envelope on content creation, challenge myself, and inspire other women to do the same.

As a female curator, I want to push the envelope on content creation, challenge myself, and inspire other women to do the same.

Today, I’m launching Pheelosophy, it’s a lifestyle blog curated from my experiences, passions and journey through adulthood. The blog is a digital spiel of what transpires behind the scenes of my day-to-day life.

Pheelosophy is a collection of 'been there, done that' moments that you'd normally share with your girlfriends over drinks. You’ll find a range of content from: storytelling, style inspirations, art culture, career advice & wellness tips. I’m excited to share my virtual baby with the world! I finally have no qualms about pursuing my visions.

The launching of this blog is a vow to my late brother…to aggressively chase my dreams while I still have the chance.

So amazing & exciting! As a creative, how do you stay inspired? Where do you go to for inspiration or how do you get inspired when your creativity is running low?

Unplugging is key. Literally staying off all social media, not checking my email and putting my phone on do not disturb for a solid 12-24 hours. Instead, I immerse myself in books & magazines, searching for inspiring themes and trends. Or, I spend hours glued to documentaries and movies soaking in their colors pallets. That’s what gets my creative juices flowing. Disconnecting from all means of communication can really be revitalizing. I try to do this at least once every two weeks.

Additionally, when my creativity is running low I go to a new juice bar or coffee shop and unapologetically journal & sketch. The change of scenery invites new ideas. Then an hour or so before my media fast is over I review what I’ve written down and find ways to elevate my ideas.

If you were inspired by Phe, be sure to check out her new website, Pheelosophy. You can also follow her on Instagram, @itspheelosophy.