Kreasha Kay Williams on How She Became a Girl Boss of Her Own Company, The Wantabes


It’s a feeling that only those who have felt it can understand. Graduating college can be defined as one of the greatest accomplishments of one’s life but it also can be one of the most eye-opening moments of one’s life as well. And, Kreasha can certainly relate to that feeling.

When she graduated college, she entered a deep depression. But beauty and purpose is often birthed in our most difficult moments. Find out how Kreasha used her experiences to create her platform, Wantabes, for teen girls discovering who they are and who they want to be. 


What inspired you to create the Wantabes?

The Wantabes came out of a place of frustration and depression. I’d graduated high school early, graduated college with my bachelors, maintained a 3.5 or higher, stayed on the Dean’s list and completed many internships successfully. But, when I graduated college I found myself feeling extremely lost and fell into a deep depression.

It stemmed from feeling like I’d done everything society told me would lead me to success and I was not seeing the benefits. I felt lost and confused, I felt betrayed by the world, and set up by the glossy photos I so often scrolled through on Instagram.

As I thought back to my past one day while sitting in a book store I wrote out all of my emotions, my thoughts, my feelings, and I spoke to a younger me. I wish that I had mentors, that I had guidance outside of my mother who pushed me hard. I wish that I had after school programs other than sports that actually dived into the things I felt were interesting. I wish that I had the opportunity to explore different careers paths and decided from a young age whether it was for me or not. I wish that I’d been exposed to different cultures, different walks of life, different museums, music, travel, culture, and foods to broaden my perspective on life.

So after writing it all out, I decided I would start a business that provided programming exactly like that and I would call it The Wantabes for all of the teen girls trying to find out exactly who they #wantabe.

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We would provide resources and tools to guide them through their time of discovery and the grant them freedom to explore through our dynamic programming.

That’s amazing. What led you to become a community leader?

I am not sure that I am comfortable enough to call myself a ‘Community Leader.’ I am just a little ol’ girl from a small town in Texas that is pushing for what she believes in.

A girl that sees herself in so many young girls, who wants to help them get out of their situation and discover a new world.

If I am a leader I lead by example, I make sure that I represent myself the way I want my girls to represent themselves. I work hard to show them that it’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to be quirky, and most importantly, it’s okay to be you and if that is leading them and our community then I’ll take it.


I make sure that I represent myself the way I want my girls to represent themselves. I work hard to show them that it’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to be quirky, and most importantly, it’s okay to be you


What has been your most memorable challenge?

My most memorable challenge would be getting our first gig to come in and provide the programs we’d established to girls. We wanted to speak to anyone who would listen but you can’t just walk into a public school without permission, teen girls are pretty hard to find if you do not know where to look.

So it all started with networking here in Austin, Texas. There are so many passionate people here in Austin that want to help, so we started going to networking events and although we did not know exactly who we were or what we did, we had passion.

When we spoke you would of thought The Wantabes had been around for years and had 15,000 members but we didn’t. All we had was a vision and that was enough for some people to give us a chance to come in and provide these programs for their girls.

Girl Forward, Gen Austin, Youth Rise, and Dells Children Cancer Center were some of the first organizations to work with us. Also our Instagram game is on fleek. I mean Maci Jackson, our Creative Director is amazing with curating a feed that draws girls into it and everything is all about them. We share their stories on our feed, their photos, their passions, and the growth from there has been very organic.

What is one quote that you live by and why?

“There is only one you; no one can do it like you. God created everyone on this earth to be unique, the only thing we all share in his image is the concept of love. Love yourself enough to be exactly who God created you to be and that’s you.“

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I used to suffer from something that I liked to call Hardcore Comparison Syndrome. I would compare myself to everyone; all my successes were never enough because there was always someone else who accomplished more. My ambition was never enough because there was always someone working harder.

I was just really hard on myself and once I started to really embrace who I was, I finally started to see that there is no one like me. I am at my best when I am being me. I do not have to pretend, I do not have to hide, I can be vulnerable enough to show my flaws and still be loved.

I have truly learned that you first have to love yourself completely before you can do anything at your best. You have to believe that you deserve the best and just because she is winning does not mean you are losing.

Everyone has his or her own journey and there is no need to compare. Be grateful, always work towards better, and take time to enjoy the moments.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration lately has been all of the #BlackGirlMagic going on these days.

To be black is to be magical right now. We are winning in so many ways. As I scroll through Facebook, as I scroll through Instagram, I am forever inspired by all of my fellow sisters winning.

We deserve so much, we work so hard and I am glad that we are finally getting the attention we have forever deserved. We influence so many things, the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we do our hair, our flamboyant style, we are what is it and I am loving all over it.

What advice do you have for people desiring to follow in your steps?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Fail hard and fail often. Keep trying. Try every avenue you know, go down every alley, open every door, walk down every path until you reach your goal, your dream, your vision.

It is yours to have if you just keep pushing even if you cannot see what is going on, even if you are unsure if it is the right way, let the world move out the way and clear the path for you.

Keep pushing and always remember the way you think determines who you will become. We are merely just a reflection of the thoughts that are running through our heads.

Change your thoughts, speak positivity over yourself and your situation. Think good thoughts, spread love, and you will see it returned to you tenfold. Every thought is a cause and every condition is an effect. You are responsible for your destiny.


What are your plans for the future? Where can we find your work?

The future brings so much opportunity for us. Soon we will be selling exclusive #wantabe merchandise.

We are very into listening to our girls, they tell us exactly what they want. We will also start doing quarterly travel trips to different places so our members can explore and see different parts of the world. A girl can become as big as her mind allows her to become.

We will be doing one project a month for the year of 2017, a total of 12 projects. We are especially looking forward to our photo shoot in February, where we will be showcasing 5 African American teens with different textured hair for Black History Month. The girls will speak about their experience with their hair raw and uncut in hopes to encourage other black teen girls to love their hair no matter what.

I also travel the country speaking to teen girls as well, sharing my story, my experiences, and drawing more girls into The Wantabe programs.

You can find The Wantabes at or @thewantabes on Instagram and you can follow Kreasha personally at @kreashawilliams on Instagram