Hala Preudhomme on How She Became a Full-Time Artist in 1 Year


It started with casual sketches and within one year it transformed into a successful business. From prints to clothing, Hala is recreating the beauty of art.

Immersed with a passion for culture, she portrays multitudes of distinct art for all art enthusiasts. Here is a behind the scenes interview of Hala, owner of PreudhommeArt & Design.

When did you decide to become an artist? 

I've always sketched when I was bored, but a year ago I decided to seriously start practicing techniques.

Where does your artistic influence come from?

My artistic influence comes from culture. I am obsessed with different ethnicities, countries, and cultures.

My artistic influence comes from culture. I am obsessed with different ethnicities, countries, and cultures

What has been your most memorable challenge?

My most memorable challenge happens to be artistic block. Sometimes, I literally can't create. Getting through those times is always a great challenge for me.

How do you balance creativity with business?

Business is such a huge aspect of everyday life so it actually comes pretty easy. However, sometimes it's hard not to mix the two because art is so personal. I usually call my sisters to help me get through those challenging times.

Who is your ideal client, the type of person you enjoy working with all the time?

My ideal client is someone as creative as me, so other artists like poets, writers, singers, dancers, actors, and artists. There is something surreal about creating for a creator who really appreciates art. It’s an amazing feeling.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists and fashionistas?

DONT GIVE UP. I became a full time artist in ONE YEAR. Put your mind to something and you will achieve your aspirations.

What are your plans for the future? 

I definitely want to launch a clothing line or two, another product line, and learn photography. I hope to one day become a famous artist.

Learn more about Hala’s work, PreudhommeArt & Design, by following her on Twitter (@preudhommeart), Instagram (@@makeyaman_hala), Facebook (Mahala Preudhomme) or Tumblr (preudhommeart). You can also purchase her art on her website, halaart.bigcartel.com.



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