Ruby Avant Talks the Importance of Being Limitless

When Ruby Avant was faced with adversity her confidence was tested. But she took ownership of her differences and started Limitless Inc., a marketing and advertising firm that focuses on making a positive impact in our community. She continues to lead by example, as she celebrates a year of success with her company.

She aspires to inspire others, so they too can be limitless, knowing that if you can dream it you can achieve it. Check out her interview below, and learn more about how she plans to continue spreading positivity throughout her community.


How was your childhood? What experiences negative or positive helped shape the woman you are today?

Growing up, my childhood was one people would describe as “normal.” I never lacked or wanted for anything. I had a strong, independent, spiritual, single mother who in every area was a pusher. No matter what, she always stressed the importance of keeping God first and reminded us that education is key. Though I grew up without my biological dad, I didn’t really know the difference. My mom, of course, took on both roles of mother and father. But, I’ve always had my grandparents, who helped support us in everything as well. I can truly say that what has shaped me as the woman I am today is watching my mom uphold the values that she instilled in us. It’s one thing to teach, but to see the example lived out right in front of you gives you more of an understanding. She has always been a consistent and active part of all five of our lives. She always prayed with us, took us to church, participated in extracurricular activities and encouraged us to give 100% in education. The independence, strength, and courage that I exude comes from her consistencies that I watched all my life. I learned that even though one seems to have it all figured out, one can still use that extra blessing. God sent my mother a husband, MY DAD, which at first took some getting used to. As I began to mature I realized even the strongest need someone to lean on. There are things that we learned that she somehow missed, but could only truly be taught by a man.

Growing up, did you have any insecurities? If so, how did you overcome them or how are you dealing with them today?

I have always felt like the outcast. I never fit in physically or mentally. I think it was about in the 4th grade when I began to really realize I was always one of the tallest kids everywhere I went. I was that kid standing in the middle and can see over the huddle. I always had to stand on the back row in school pictures. I remember going to six flags when I was younger, and I was over the height line. They wanted to make me ride the big rides.

I also began to differentiate between the values I was taught and what everyone else valued. While I wanted to excel in everything, a lot of my peers were okay with just getting by. Because of my maturity, I’ve always had that pressure to excel in everything I do. I was automatically looked to for leadership and to be the example. I have always been the top of my class and straight A-student. When I was in 7th grade, I really began to realize the advantages of being tall. I kind of automatically got picked for “A” team. Hey, I had skills too, of course, but it made things a little bit easier.

My mom and dad would tell me every day that I was beautiful and smart. I had to realize it for myself. “Fearfully and wonderfully made” were words I heard that spoke life to me. One day, I decided to take ownership of my athletic ability and realized that it is a blessing to be able to excel in leadership positions. Playing sports really helped build my confidence. The first organization I joined was Leo Club. It involved making change in our communities which is still my inspiration today.  

How important is it for people to understand they are Limitless and why?

The idea of being limitless comes from learning that you have all access to God who owns everything. In order to become limitless you must first realize that you have the ability. Being limitless doesn’t mean you’re perfect, but that you should strive for perfection so that you can try to excel in everything you do. It’s being true to yourself and knowing that your mistakes are to help mold you into a better person. Be proud of your strengths and at the same time accept your flaws. Be honest with yourself. It’s important to have self-care and time spent with self. You are important. This includes your health, your career, and your ability to take control of everything in your life. Most importantly as our Limitless Inc. slogan says, “It’s your State of Mind.” You can only go as far as your mind allows you to go. If you can imagine it, then you can see it come to fruition.

It’s important to have self-care and time spent with self. You are important.

What has been your most challenging experience building your brand? How did you face and overcome that challenge?

When Limitless Inc. first started, we kind of just jumped into things with little research and much inspiration. We realized that funding is very important, as well as organization and having a well mapped out plan for future endeavors ahead of time. Since the beginning, we have smoothed out a lot of the kinks that were supposed to be worked out before launch of the company. It’s all experience but things are really beginning to take off.  

What are some things we can expect to see from you in the future?

Limitless is a marketing/advertising company, but we put much emphasis on promoting positive messages and making positive changes in our communities. We have recently developed a new project called Beyond the Mask. Its deals with exposing our daily struggles and hidden secrets that we don’t get to discuss. It gives hope and a voice to many who just need a platform to reveal truth. Stay tuned for our upcoming events and projects.


To learn more about Ruby Avant, visit her on Instagram, @Ruby.Avant.