A Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit Should Be Life Goals, Ask Brittney Moses, She’ll Tell You

Through ministry, Brittney Moses has managed to impact the lives of thousands as she has been a positive resource for youth all around the globe. Her transparent relationship with God steamed from knowing that all things, good, bad and ugly, work to serve a greater purpose.

Read more below and follow along Brittney’s journey as she continues to discover what God has in store for her.

How was your childhood? What experiences negative or positive helped shape the woman you are today?

My childhood went through a bit of a journey. I have two loving parents who both love the Lord and not only claimed it but showed it. So I’ve always had a foundation of what a life centered in Christ should look like. They raised me to know Christ and sacrificed to put me in some of the best private schools. I’m grateful for this because I know it has played a major role in the structure of the woman I’ve become. However, I did face a lot of bullying as a girl. I was always the girl who was “too nice” and kids can be mean to those they perceive as weaker because of their kindness. As I got older I learned how to set boundaries for myself and even to this day I have to remind myself many times that it’s important for me to define what is and isn’t allowed in my life. I can say many of my broken and insecure experiences are exactly what shaped in me a heart of compassion and understanding for others. I’m encouraged that everything, good and bad, has served a greater purpose in how God is shaping me. But I had to be willing to learn from life and myself without becoming bitter about the negative parts of my journey.

Growing up, did you have any insecurities? If so, how did you overcome them or how are you dealing with them today?

Oh I most definitely did. I attended predominantly white schools as a girl and to be bluntly honest, the guys weren’t attracted to me or my “type” and I didn’t always click with the girls. It wasn’t because of anything I did or didn’t do. That was just the culture of the environment. Needless to say, as a girl, I questioned my worth based on the attraction of these guys and the acceptance of my peers. I had parents who built up every reason for me to have a healthy esteem of myself so it’s always crazy when I think about how much this had an effect on me. You’d think it was something small and childish but you’d be surprised how low self-esteem as a child can set a trajectory of how you see yourself as you get older.

I believe esteem comes from identity. It comes from knowing who you are and not letting the words or actions of others define you. So when it comes to my journey of overcoming insecurity, it was an ongoing process of envisioning a secure identity of myself. Truth be told, a lot of that just comes with time and experience showing you more and more of who you are and what you’re made of. To this day, I have to choose between healthy thoughts of myself or self-defeating ones, and I believe that’s a battle most of us have to face in this world. Sometimes you just have to step back, remind yourself of who God has created you to be and believe it.

What led you to start your blog and to share your love of Christ with the world?

My blogging has evolved over the years. I had a personal blog about 4 years ago that was totally about encouraging the young believers to live out their faith without shame. This was really the birth of the organization I started called, Unashamed Impact, which is reaching thousands of young believers online today. I’m content with the purpose it served at that time and now the vision continues through the Unashamed Impact website with our team of writers!

Today my personal blog advocates mentally healthy, and every day biblical living. This fits more in-line with my own personal direction as a Psychology major for Therapy and Mental Health and from a biblical perspective. Through my personal and ministry experience of encountering a lot of damaged and struggling individuals in the church, I’ve found a strong passion for restoration. It’s difficult to live out your purpose when you’re a prisoner to your mind or the struggles of life. God has called us to live in abundance, in freedom and from a sound mind. I want to help as many as I can achieve this because this is their life. Many of my own experiences of this drive me to encourage others!

What would you say to Christian women who are not so open about their relationship with God?

I would encourage women who consider themselves Christians to not be afraid to talk about what God has done and is doing in their lives. In a world that is full of dysfunction and chaos, being that example of faith and freedom in Christ could be the key that sets someone else free. You never know who’s looking at you and who may be in deep need of the solution only Christ can bring to their lives - healing, restoration and salvation. Most of all, when He is lifted up, He draws others to also have an encounter with Him (John 12:32). Sometimes we underestimate the power of our example and our vessel but God can and will use you when you open up your life for His glory.

What’s most rewarding about your journey as an advocate for healthy and biblical living?

It’s always rewarding to see the fruit of my efforts actually change the course of someone’s life. You never know how much the right word at the right moment can bring healing to a person. Hearing back from someone who’s been trapped in their struggles whether it be anxiety, depression, toxic relationships or a broken relationship with God, and how my words or our conversation brought them to a place of restoration encourages me a lot. I know I’m called to people and when I see that calling operating fruitfully, I praise God.

What are your ultimate goals?

Right now my goals are to finish school with either a Masters or PhD in Clinical Psychology. I’d like to be an official service to those in need of practical therapy from either mental illness or emotional crisis. I’d like to help equip church leaders on how to approach these issues in the church in a healthy and fruitful way as well. I look forward to being married and having children and being the best example I can be to my family. I want to continue to grow Unashamed Impact as an organization and resource for youth and young adults around the globe. Although I have an idea of the direction I feel called to for my life, I don’t know exactly all of what God has in store for me. So I’m open to Him redirecting the course of my life, if it aligns with His ultimate purpose for me. At the end of the day, I’m not holding onto my own plans tighter than I’m holding onto His and I’m willing to make any adjustments for His glory.

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