Dawne Morrow on Overcoming Her Biggest Obstacle: Herself

Come storm or battle, Dawne has been able to push through the challenges of life with her head held high. After discovering one of the key rules of life, she decided to no longer question why things happen the way that they do, but trust that there's a lesson to learned regardless. She doesn't allow herself to remain down or broken. She's an overcomer of everything that has come her way.

Not only is she amazing for her strength and resilience but she's an awesome artist too! You may be familiar with her work on Instagram, or you may have even noticed her from our blog post "5 Houston Artists You Should Follow on Instagram."

Check out her exclusive interview and learn more about Dawne below.

What experiences, negative or positive, shaped you into the woman you are today?

I have been blessed to overcome adversity that I've faced in life. I've suffered depression, attempted suicide, been through domestic violence, homelessness, long-term unemployment and even faced the horrors of 9/11 while working at the Pentagon.  I am aware that I am not the only person to have gone through what I have and I do not allow it to leave me defeated. We all are different, our experiences may be similar, our paths in life may even feel familiar however the lessons learned with each step is uniquely our own. It's knowing this that lifts me up because I used to cry "why me?"

Wow! So amazing to see how resilient you are, what made you decide your career path as a painter?

This is funny because before May this year I never really painted. I began drawing as a kid, by junior high my art teacher saw something in me and he began to challenge me and encourage me. I ended up changing schools and didn't have the same support; however, I kept at it just occasionally though, trying new forms of visual art. In 1999, a year and a half after my twin daughters were born I had a new challenge and it didn't include my art at all.  My career in Information Technology was my love until being laid off a second time in February 2015.  In October 2015, I started drawing again. I accepted that art has been a part of me since birth. I began to challenge myself. It took a lot to dig deep, trust and open myself up again.  I overcame my biggest obstacle, which is myself, to return to my art because it is the essence of who I am.

It took a lot to dig deep, trust and open myself up again. I overcame my biggest obstacle, which is myself

What are some obstacles you've had to overcome and how did you overcome them?

My biggest obstacle was myself; my own self-doubt; wondering what other people thought of me or my artwork. One day I realized that after surviving so much, sucking it up and realizing I'm still here for a reason. I learned that I can be my harshest critic and I needed to be gentle with myself. I gained some confidence in doing this. I also had lots of encouragement from a few people close to me. Then the realization, hit me!  I'm not for everyone and it is OK and it applies to my art as well. Just as there is good and bad, there is praise and criticism.

What advice do you have for younger girls with the same career path?

Do what you love and love what you do! Trust yourself and don't allow anyone to push you to do something you're not comfortable with. This is YOUR path, not theirs. Also if you're not selling your art yet or selling as much as you'd like to be able to live off of, it's ok to have a back-up plan but never ever give up on your craft.

What are your current goals for yourself and your passions?

Currently I plan to get more exposure as an artist, hone my craft, branch out even more and never give it up!

To learn more about Dawne visit her on Instagram @DMorrowArt.