Rebecca Guerra: How She Turned Her Hobby into A Business

Who knew that decorating a nursery would turn into a profitable business, Rebecca certainly didn’t imagine that something she initially made for her son would later turn into a stream of income. Yet, it did, and it has afforded Rebecaa the opportunity to be both an entrepreneur and stay at home mom.

Being a mother and a business owner are two tough jobs but with patience, dedication, and determination it can be a rewarding experience. Rebecca manages to tackle both and she shares how below, check it out!

What experiences, negative or positive, shaped you into the woman you are today?

Accepting that everything happens for a reason. Good or bad, I have learned and have grown from these experiences by always focusing on the positive and not letting anybody or any circumstance bring me down.

Tell us more about Custom Creations by Rebecca.

It started out with us cutting and painting dinosaur shapes for our son’s nursery. My sister saw what we could do and asked if we could create a large monogram initials sign for her wedding reception. We did! Everybody there loved it and that's when it really started. People started contacting us wanting to place orders. We had business cards made, built a website and made a Facebook page. At first it was just monogram initials then it went to full last name signs, then new baby name signs. We then started getting creative with our designs and have grown and grown!

What made you choose your career path of becoming an entrepreneur?

We didn't really choose this, it was given to us. We weren't prepared at all! It just snowballed into an extraordinary opportunity and we accepted it with open hearts and open arms. We are blessed...and so thankful that I can still be a stay-at-home momma and have an amazing job!

We are blessed...and so thankful that I can still be a stay-at-home momma and have an amazing job!

Who are some people you look up to and why?

Anybody who owns their own business. It's hard work and most of the time it's all on you. Having the courage, strength and patience to take on that kind of commitment and responsibility is truly admirable!

What are some of the goals you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

To continue to accept the gift we have been given and by the Grace of God, do everything in our power to help our business succeed!

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