Nneamaka: The Cook With Dreams

As a child, while all the other children were watching Cartoon Network, Nneamaka was watching The Food Network instead. But she didn’t realize that she would be planting a seed that would turn into a life-long passion and career choice.

Today, Nneamaka has branded herself as “The Cook With Cakes.” A quick trip to her Instagram, @thecookwithcakes, will have you salivating and wishing that she was your friend! She plans to one day open her own café filled with delicacies & cuisines others can enjoy and with her dedication her dream is certain to become a reality.

Read more below on how she plans to accomplish her goals.

What experiences shaped you into the woman you are today?

The number 1 thing that shaped me into the women I am today is my parents. Their unconditional love is what pushes me to be a better woman every single day. Parents always want the best for you and for you to succeed in everything you put your mind to.

The second experience would be “boys.” As women we all go through phases where we have a guy we like and get those signs to leave them alone and we end up not listening to our instincts. From the little heart breaks I’ve had between the ages of 16 and 21 I can say I’ve matured so much. When you get hurt, you’re able to find yourself and begin to understand your worth as a young woman in this world. Once you’re able to understand your worth, no man is capable of coming into your life to disrespect or distract you when you know what you deserve. I’ve grown to understand what I deserve in this world and right now I’m all about growing my business and becoming more independent. When the right man is ready to come into my life God will open those doors.

Once you’re able to understand your worth, no man is capable of coming into your life to disrespect or distract you when you know what you deserve.

When did you know you had a passion for cooking? Tell us about that experience.

I knew I had a passion for cooking in elementary/middle school. When I was younger I used to watch the Food Network channel and “Chopped,” the cooking show in my free time. I loved cartoons of course, but food was so interesting to me. I was so inspired by all the food, I started experimenting on holidays, baking different things I’ve never tasted before just so I can try it. I think the first thing I ever made was fried chicken!

What are some obstacles you've faced while trying to accomplish your goals?

Right now I haven’t really faced much obstacles. It is really up to me to make my own dreams come alive. The only obstacle I can say that hinders me is money. But honestly I’m a hustler, I started working when I was 15 even though I didn’t need to. My parents support my craft now, before they had doubts like any other Nigerian parent would but when they realized that it’s something I love to do, I knew nothing else could stop me from reaching higher and perfecting my craft and brand. I definitely have my parent’s work ethic.

Who are some people you look up to in the industry and why?

I honestly don’t look up to any big names in the food world. I’m inspired by local chefs & pastry chefs. They inspire me and give me hope that one day I’ll get to where they are. Owning my own business would be so dope. But with time everything will fall into place. I’m in no rush at all because it’s all in God's timing. I’ll continue doing what I’m doing, working and perfecting myself to be better every step of the way.

What are your current and future goals?

My number 1 goal right now is to finish school, that’s my first priority. I know it shouldn’t be a goal but it is when you’ve changed your major 3 times. Right now, my future goal is to grow my business by the end of this year. With God's good grace major things will start happening that I never expected to happen. But when it does I’ll be ready for it. I hope to have a café up and running by 25. Right now my mind is set on finishing up this last semester of undergrad and hopefully getting to a master program in nutrition. But whichever way life takes me, I will follow that path. No one’s plans go as planned; things will change when you least expect it. 

To learn more about Nneamaka visit her on Instagram @thecookwithcakes!