Sonya Carney: A Millionaire in the Making

Despite everything life throws her way Sonya is a determined millionaire in the making. She uses the path of those who have came before her to lead her on her journey and she plans to leave her own legacy for those following her footsteps.

Sonya is a goal driven entrepreneur and a great example of what it means to be a leader. She leads by example and will not let anything get in her way.

Read more below about where she's been and where she's going.


What experiences, positive or negative, shaped you into the woman you are today?

I come from a bloodline of successful pioneers, not just entrepreneurs, but pioneers. I realized this at an early age and I was able to look to and mimic my ancestors. My ancestors fought their way into freedom from slavery. I was inspired once I learned more about my heritage. I really began to visualize what they went through and how they were able to overcame so many struggles and obstacles. At an early age I always had an entrepreneurial spirit, possessed leadership abilities, and stood out from the others. Once I learned more about my heritage, I began to understand why I possessed so much strength. I believed that if my ancestors could overcome all that they went through, surely in today's society I can fulfill and create my dreams. Not only for myself, but to inspire other women. At the age of twenty, I was connected with several multi-millionaires who began to teach me while on the journey of entrepreneurship.

The negative experiences redefined me into the person I've become today. If you experience success at a very early age you will encounter some obstacles by the time you're 30. You have to reinvent yourself and continuously grow. A negative experience that has affected me personally was going through a divorce and becoming a single parent. The divorce brought on another level of challenges. Not only was I aspiring to be an entrepreneur, but I also had two children that I had to attend to. I had to survive financially and be there emotionally more than anything. When you go through financial hurdles and obstacles you really have to start your life all over again.

I found myself going back into a corporate arena because I had more obligations. After going back, I felt like that wasn't really where I wanted to be. I knew that I had more to give and I knew there was so much more inside of me. I refused to just settle for working a regular job. Not to say there's anything wrong with working a job, because I believe that we need them to finance our dreams and goals. However, eventually, I knew that was not my calling or my gift. I believed in spite of everything that I was going through, I was called to greatness. Going through that chapter in my life really defined me into the woman I am today— having a winning attitude and the mindset to continue to push forward. No matter what I go through, I will continue to press forward because I want to leave a legacy for my family. I want to use my story as a testimony to encourage other women to overcome obstacles that they've encountered as well.

What made you choose your career path?                                                                                  

I have multiple streams of income. One is an empowerment group for young entrepreneurs, and we are currently in a production process. This is my passion and what I feel like I was born and gifted to do. I also work as a professional network marketer in the direct sales industry. What I like most about what I do is being able to create multiple streams of income, and teach others how to create multiple streams of income. Not only teaching others how to finance their dreams, but also showing them how to tap into their God-given talent and gifts. I have been very blessed to have amazing mentors in my corner who have taught me how to build a financial legacy for my family.

I decided to take this path because my first experience as entrepreneur was in the direct sales industry. While in corporate America, I looked for ways to make more money without working two jobs. The particular company that I looked into qualified for what I was looking for. I was looking for stability, to build more income, and I was looking to establish a career with a company. I am a believer in the direct sales industry. There are more self-made millionaires in this industry than any other industry nationwide. There's a lot of self development involved as well. I am always looking to grow, learn, and connect with powerful individuals.

What are some of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome and how did you overcome them?

There is always going to be judgment and hesitation from peers. There will be people judging you because you're a woman running a multimillionaire corporation, or because you don't have a doctor degree to work on a certain magnitude. There are a lot of different obstacles that you will encounter. People will try and make you feel as though you're not qualified to become a top income earner. Sometimes you can allow that to set in and control your thinking or have some type of impact on our thinking. It can make you become stagnant and I've experienced that personally. When you are looking to create something big because you have a big vision and you begin to share it, some people will doubt you. Unfortunately, people don't believe in themselves and I was trying to get people to believe in me. That is still the biggest challenge I was able to overcome—by studying and reading so much about the leaders that came before me. I had to do a lot of soul-searching. I learned that so many people in the world do not believe in themselves. Before I could get people to believe in me, I had to get people to believe in themselves. I had to put the focus on individuals, asking questions like “what is it that you want out of life?” You cannot feed a $1 million opportunity to someone who has a $10 an hour mindset. Once I started inspiring and encouraging others, I begin to overcome some of those obstacles.

What advice do you have for younger girls looking to pursue the same career path?

Never give up and find mentors who have already achieved what it is that you're looking to achieve, no matter the industry. Whatever it is that you do, find the individual who is the very most successful person you can find (in that field) and learn from them. Get mentors in your corner that you can learn from. Do a lot of reading and self-development. A lot of times we think it's all about the money. Before the money comes, you have to prepare yourself mentally to be able to deal with the hurdles and challenges that comes with being an entrepreneur. It is not easy; it is hard work… if it was easy everyone would be successful at it. It is a lifelong journey. Believe in yourself, tell yourself, “I am a winner. I am a champion. I was built for this. I can overcome it.” I don't believe any of us have “arrived” I believe we won't arrive until God calls us home, so always be willing to grow.

Before the money comes, you have to prepare yourself mentally to be able to deal with the hurdles and challenges that comes with being an entrepreneur.

What are your current goals for yourself and your passions?

The most important goal I have for myself is putting my grandchildren in a position where they can become successful entrepreneurs… if that's the route that they choose to take. My goal is to have businesses in place for them as they become adults so as they come out of college they do not have to worry about the struggles of financial debt. I want to put them in a financial position where they can become successful immediately and operate as successful businesses owners. I want to leave a financial inheritance and equip generations down the line. That is my main goal: leaving a legacy.

Another goal is to be able to impact, empower and inspire as many women as I can, encouraging them to live out their God-given purpose. I'm really excited and encouraged to be able to create my first film. I’ll be highlighting individuals who have overcome major obstacles in their life. That's the biggest project that I'm working on and I'm really excited to be able to highlight their story.

To learn more about Sonya Carney, follow her on Instagram: @sonyacarney.