Mary Egwuonwu: A Woman of Beauty & Brains

Mary believes beauty is in the eye of the beholder and she encourages all women to know how beautiful they truly are. After being introduced to make up by her best friend, she developed a passion for makeup that has been evolving ever since.

With aspirations of owning her own clinic and helping others around the world, Mary plans to obtain her medical degree, possessing both beauty and brains!

Learn more about Mary below.

How was your childhood growing up?

My childhood was very fruitful and healthy. My mom enforced education from early on. We use to have tutors and we’re always learning through new activities. My parents were also strict. We could not go to slumber parties whatsoever. It was an experience that ultimately shaped me and my siblings.

What experiences helped you become the woman you are today?

I cherish the fact that my parents shielded me from a lot of things that my peers were forced to experience earlier on. Often times my parents would say "No", and as a child, you wonder, "Why not?" "Why can't I go?” “I am old enough.” These were all the things that ran through my mind as I could remember sitting in my room mad at my parents for being so strict. Although, times like that sucked it humbled me to be the person I am today: a focused young woman and a very decisive person with decision making. I was not exposed to the harm and the violent times that could've occurred if I went to teenage parties or particular outings. I am thankful for discipline because it has guided my life and the choices that I set aside for myself.

When did you know you had a passion for makeup and beauty?

My best friend Ruth Adewusi was into makeup way before I was. She did my makeup for my 20th birthday party and I was elated to know that she was brilliant at it. I wanted to learn as well, so she showed me a couple things to start off, but the wonderful thing about makeup is that it is all about PRACTICE! I practiced and played in colors and learned basic looks. Then there was a time when I went to an internship in Virginia and I had to dress business casual every day of the week, so I had to put on some makeup – this was my thought process. The process of wearing makeup all that time gave me more opportunities to practice more as well. As I started to perfect my craft, Ruth came to me again, and told me that I should try to do makeup for others, so then that started and the craft has been evolving since then; never perfect, because no one is perfect.

What are some things you struggled with starting in the beauty industry and how did you overcome those struggles?

I struggled with how to grasp certain looks for people and just understanding the art behind makeup and beauty as well. There are many misconceptions about makeup, that it hides a person, it conceals the "real" you, or it is unnecessary. My take on makeup and the beauty industry is, it is all determined by what you take out of it. Makeup enhances beauty, if you want be Cinderella today, then so be it. It’s all determined by the attitude and emotion you put into it.

What advice do you have for younger girls with similar struggles?

I would love to tell younger ladies to be CONFIDENT! Love yourself! Cherish yourself! Hold your head high yet be humble at all times. Many women around the world may have issues regarding their look or their version of beauty. Growing up I struggled with my look, I was not the cutest from 5th to 10th grade, this was definitely my struggle era in the beauty department. As time went on, I played with different things and I tried new fashion tips and before you know it, I was confident in my skin and no one could tell me otherwise. I say to young ladies please love yourself. God loves you and he wants you to love yourself as well, knowing your self-worth is more than rubies.

Love yourself! Cherish yourself! Hold your head high yet be humble at all times.

What are your current goals for yourself and your passions?

My current goals are to be a Physician and to own my clinic. Once I obtain my medical degree, I would like to do mission trips in Nigeria and help the less fortunate in my country. I would love to give back to the community as well and help young ladies in the inner city find themselves, who probably did not have the same fortune as myself when I grew up. I just want to use my purpose and know that God's will is being done in my life.

To learn more about Mary visit her on Instagram @Maresmd.