Queenie: A Queen on Fire for Her King


The art of peer pressure, at times, can get the best of us. However, it was not enough to lead Queenie astray. Instead of conforming into the normality of this world, she decided to lean on Christ instead.

Queenie lives in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and she aspires to change and shape the lives of others. Through the power of poetry, dance, writing and singing she plans to share the gospel with everyone she encounters.

She also gives encouraging words to women, on how to live a life with Christ at the center. Check it out below.

What past experiences, negative or positive, shaped you into the woman you are today?

My childhood is of pure innocence. I did not get to play with other kids outside of our gate, the community I was raised in was full of traditional Roman Catholics. I did not experience living with both of my parents, because they were separated when I was young. I did not argue with other kids and at home, I only lived with my grandmother and we did not talk much.

What really shaped me into the woman I am today are my experiences as a teenager. I moved to the city when I was 14 to study and met other teenagers who have been of great influence to me. This was the time I discovered that not everyone is a believer of Christ, that we can make our own decisions, and that it is liberating to live outside His words. Ten years my life had been a social experiment. For 10 years I kept asking myself "what's it like to do this and that?" and I did "this and that" even when it led me astray.

When I left my home country, I met more people and experienced more situations that led me back to my faith permanently. Living outside His standards only brought me ugliness of heart, vanity, jealousy, greed, lust, gluttony, pride, and anger. In short, being disobedient made me feel bad about myself and others. If we don't cling to His words, the result is a life of misery. Wanting anything above God is a life of discontentment; there is no peace there. Whereas when I returned to Him, the result is as if I am living in paradise. It is peaceful, abundant in love, generosity is everywhere, understanding is easy, I am being recognized the way you have discovered me.

And now that I know our life should be lived serving others, I never want to be selfish again. I don't want to put myself first and instead, I want to give more of myself. I want to be able to inspire others to understandwhat I have understood from being a follower of God, from being Jesus Christ's disciple.

It all began when I developed a habit of praying, praying everyday, when I returned to reading His words daily and decided that I don't want to be influenced again by non-practicing Christians. I am especially thankful of this Bible App which is downloadable for free. I didn't have to carry a physical bible, I can read the bible everywhere I go, even without internet connection, it posts daily bible verses which you can share and they have devotionals that will really guide you to effectively live your Christian life no matter the obstacles you are facing.

Wanting anything above God is a life of discontentment; there is no peace there.

As a devout, my thoughts, words and actions are focused on Him and in serving others. Right now, I am a Christian poet, advocate of the head covering movement (www.headcoveringmovement.com) and a member of LegioMariae. I am a testimony that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

When did you know you had a passion for poetry? Tell us about that experience.

I have been passionate about writing since I was a child. I've been writing and have been exposed to writing competitions since elementary. I've written poems since grade school as well, my style involves rhyming but I'm recently trying other methods of writing poetry that does not involve rhymes.

I’ve been an introvert since a child. I find it hard to tell people how I feel. I am not open to my feelings, I just simply keep it to myself but deep inside me, I hope to be heard and to be understood. Although I'm really shy about it and wanted to hide it, I can't help but purge it into writing. Doing so made me feel better and it allowed me to contribute to society in a positive way by being able to create art.

I think poetry is immeasurable, it does not have to be too long or short to convey meaning. It doesn't matter how deep or shallow your vocabulary is when you want to be artistic. All it takes is emotions, raw. And the confidence to translate such emotions into art. To me, poetry aren't just words that dance, they are feelings that want to be released and understood. A catharsis.

What are some obstacles you've faced while trying to accomplish your goals?

Getting unfocused. Everyday we face distractions and unexpected events that make the journey toward reaching our goals longer. It is normal, everybody experiences distraction. What matters is that you pick yourself up as soon as you realize you're not moving forward to where you want to be.

I've also experienced changing my goals, being fickle minded of where I really see myself in the future. I've found out that the only way to be where you want to be is by loving God first. For He is directing our steps and by His loving guidance, we won't lose our way. On top of that, He has the power to control who can and who cannot help you achieve your goals. What it means is that other people play an important role in reaching our dreams.

If God is our center, He will ultimately remove superfluous aspects in our life that weighs us down. We all are angels; we all have wings. By praying, we spread our wings and by focusing on Him, we flap our wings and fly to where He wants us to be. Trust God first and follow His will. He knows what's best for us.

What are your current and future goals as far as your art? What are your current and future goals in general?

There are many art forms but since you are interviewing me as a poet, let me answer that question as a poet first. If by current goal, you mean short term goal, then that is to touch other people's lives: to evangelize; to encourage women and men to put God first in our lives and experiences and to let them knowthat if we do, everything else follows. I brand myself as a Christian poet and I am a medium on which His teachings flow. My poems tell about my life lived for Christ. My long term goal as a poet is to have my own website, where I can publish my poems, and to have my poems collected and published as a book.

Concerning literary arts, I am considering to be a content writer for www.headcoveringmovement.com and our local newspaper here in the UAE (The Filipino Times or Kabayan Weekly). I've also been visualizing a novel but due to my current situation (too busy with work) I haven't started with it yet.

In performing arts, I want to continue dancing and improve in singing. I want to be able to sing and dance for Christ. For He gave me the interest to pursue these things instead of getting wasted, waiting for a guy to validate my existence and splurging on make-up, shoes and clothes. I'm really lucky that I've lost interest on things that are so common and mediocre. This generation needs more people that will inspire, empower and motivate women the way you guys do, Pink Prods.

In general, my short term goal is to be accepted into NYU AD, they have an amazing art and business studies faculty here and I want to earn a new degree in business. I also want to bring my mother here,to the UAE, so we could live together, get to know her (as we never lived together my entire life). I want to share with her my life with Christ so that we could both be positive contributors to the society.

My ultimate long term goal is to have a doctorate degree in business and to have my own business and family. I never knew what it's like to grow up in a complete and happy family and now that I am maturing in Christ, I want the family I will have in the future to be God-centered and I want to raise my kids with love and fear of the Lord. My life and future just won't make sense without the influence of my Creator in it.

What are some words of encouragement you'd like to give our readers?

Colossians 3:1-11. I encourage all of you to open the bible, get to know Jesus Christ, and be renewed with knowledge of our Creator. There is no other peaceful way to live our lives but to follow his teachings and by treating others with love even when we feel they are undeserving. For we have been undeserving too but he laid out his life for us. I want you to experience life with the constant participation of Christ in it.

To single women, we are going to be future mothers, we will raise kids and who knows, our future children could be the next Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci or Marie Curie. What I'm saying is... Do not sleep around. This generation thinks it is normal, mature and acceptable. It is not. Don't waste time using your body to attract men for love, affection or acceptance. Cover and protect it, allow them to see your beautiful, smart and talented soul instead. For what's essential is invisible to the eye. Visualize your future kids and family. Start raising standards now out of love for God and yourself. Spend time bettering your inner self and the right man will pursue you out of His love and respect to our Creator.

To double women (just kidding) I mean married women, I've never been in your shoes but I anticipate that it's hard. I know that you no longer think and take care of only yourself, you think double. When you cook, you cook for two, when you buy groceries, you double the items, when you shop for sheets or home decors, you also consider his choices. It's no longer only pink or purple, now the choices must bemutually agreed. Marriage is selflessness. Especially for women, as we must value the position of the husband in the household. He is the head; we are the light. How could we be the light of our home if light is not in us? In short, in order to live harmoniously with your spouse, have the light in your heart by constantly praying and of course pray with your husband.

To triple women or women with a child or children, I pray that you raise your kids in awareness of the Sovereign. Be a good example to them, if they see you respecting your husband and other people, they too will love and respect their father and other people. At a young age, they must understand that humans are created to please the Creator and that they must love their neighbor as they love themselves. Guide them in the right direction and value their opinion even if they are young. Allow them to choose what they want to be in the future, for I have been with rebels because they didn't get to choose the course they're taking. Love your kids in God's name by letting them live free in your guidance through the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for reading and I hope I am able to touch your lives. To Ms. Bri’Ann Stephens and Pink Productions, thank you for this opportunity to be known and be able to share what I have experienced in the past, what I am working on in the present and what I hope to be in the future. To God be all the glory! Amen.

To learn more about Queenie visit her on Instagram @LapetiteAthena.