Porcherria Shares How She Keeps Everything Peachy!


Focused, determined & unstoppable are a few words to describe Porcherria Johnson. She is determined to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs and she works towards that goal every day. Her business Everything Peachy aims to be the stress reliever for every client she encounters. Her mantra to always excel and give the world her best has landed her the opportunity to work on amazing projects with worthy causes.

 In her interview below, Porcherria shares her life lessons, goals and aspirations. Be inspired!  

What influences of your childhood shaped who you are today?

 The influences from my childhood that have shaped my present were shows on BET, MTV, and VH1, like “College HBCU Tours,” “TLC,” and “106 and Park.” Another influence was attending diversity conferences and events that consisted of college students and professors. Education has played a huge role in how I operate in life. I have learned networking skills, time management and I have learned to find my passion and go for it. All of these things have shaped my thoughts, my ideas, and my life. I knew I wanted to go to college, I knew I would be a bomb entrepreneur and I knew that whatever I set out to do would get done.

 What is your favorite life lesson? How has it helped you?

 My favorite life lesson was starting my company and watching the faults and fixing them. In the beginning of starting an idea or company, many of us just go for it. And that’s great, we should be going for it. But we often come at fault when we do not think the idea all the way through or we make it happen so fast that we miss the most important things. This lesson has helped me because now I have reorganized, carefully thought out, and paid attention to every detail of Everything Peachy. Now I can say that I am the proud founder of Everything Peachy Consulting and I know this company will go damn far and be damn great. 

 What is your goal for your company, Everything Peachy?

 My goal is to overcome obstacles and produce outstanding visions and careers for each of my clients. Everything Peachy is the clients’ stress reliever; I take the weight off of the client and provide them with the Ultimate Experience of Satisfaction. My mission is to be your "YES." I can make that happen because when I am given your task, no is never the answer. If you want it, I will make sure you get it. 

My mission is to be your “YES”...If you want it, I will make sure you get it.


 What is your next project? What are your ultimate goals for your company and just in general?

 My next project is many projects. I am currently working with about 5 clients total on many big projects. Two in particular are DJ 4.0's WhoRunsHouston Fashion show and another is Dr. Teeth's film in ATL called Pos Honteaux – Dr. Teeth is an award winning music video director. My ultimate goals for my company are to reach as many people in need of my services as possible and to have offices in the major entertainment cities including but not limited to: New York, California, D.C., and of course the city of peach, Atlanta. 

 What do you do when you're not focused on your business?

 When I am not focused on my business specifically, I am being an entrepreneur. I am an entrepreneur, contracted within many other businesses. I currently hold the president of operations and creative development position at Directors Cutt Media. I hold an event management position at Music World Entertainment and I also work as event staff at CBS Radio. But to be quite honest, I am always focused on my business. I get paid as Everything Peachy through everything I do. I am my OWN BRAND, why wouldn't I?

 Thank you for this opportunity, I really appreciate it and I am so proud and ecstatic to see young women like you doing such a great thing for people like me. Please let me leave you with this: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!" Always remember, we are the future and it's up to us to make sure our dreams come true. 


Our pleasure and honor! We know that Everything Peachy has an amazing future! To find out more about Porcherria, contact her on IG @peacchyent. To be featured, contact us.