Dana Chanel Shares Major Keys on Business, Relationships & the Love of Christ


Dana Chanel carries her cross and wears her crown with boldness and confidence. She is a woman who knows her purpose and isn’t afraid to walk the path predestined for her, regardless of how rough the journey may appear. You’ll often hear her respond to difficult questions with, “I was built for this.” Her love for Christ and her passion for others enable her to fearlessly share the truth of God and Christianity with others.

She is the first to say she isn’t a saint nor a perfect Christian. Yet, perhaps it is her honesty and transparency that has led her to successfully pioneer one of the largest online Christian ministries in the world, Sprinkles of Jesus. She has captivated the hearts of hundreds of thousands of today’s generation, inspiring them to live the life Christ died for them to enjoy.

In a candid interview, Dana Chanel shares tips and truths she’s learned on her journey through life as a founder, business owner and lover of God. Her words of wisdom are sure to inspire you to never give up and to walk in your purpose!


In just four short years, you went from not owning a bible to starting your own ministry and spreading the love of Jesus Christ. Tell us about your testimony.  

I think everyone looks for just one specific moment where everything changes, but that's not realistic. It's been such a gradual change. Every day is an opportunity to be better than the day before, to be obedient and to just do your best at fulfilling your God given purpose. I still deal with my own little demons, like everyone else, and appreciate the calling. Creating a platform for young adults to talk about Jesus has been a ministry within myself to help me get through life. 

You recently talked about protecting your space and your happiness. I love how you said that we should pay attention to how people react to our happiness. What steps have you had to take to protect your own personal space and happiness? And, how difficult was that for you?

I mean people forget that the enemy doesn't walk into our lives with a red cape and pointy ears, but through our friends, family, the people closest to us. It's so essential to your wellbeing and your spirit to understand not everything and everyone is good for you. I truly believe to walk into your true greatness, you have to surround yourself around individuals who are going to help bring those great qualities out of you and help you achieve your goals. If you’re not bringing the best out of me, why should I have you in my space? It hasn't been difficult for me because I've experienced what having the wrong people around you feels like and I'm cool.

You’re not only a lover of God but you’re also a successful entrepreneur. You’re also only 22 years old, which makes your story that much more awesome! What key lessons have you learned as a business owner? 

THERE ARE NEVER ROAD BLOCKS, JUST DETOURS! I think this is key to being an entrepreneur. So many future millionaires allow small obstacles to make them doubt the power to obtain success and never make it to be not just spiritually but financially wealthy. You can't let anything stop you. I knew nothing about ministry when I decided to believe in myself and create Sprinkle of Jesus and I knew nothing about technology when I started Alakazam Apps. You gotta just go for it!  You have to keep going, you have to keep fighting and never stop believing in yourself!

There are never road blocks, just detours!


 Christians are often persecuted for being associated with people that others assume are not Christians. What advice do you have for Christians who are often looked down upon for being friends with celebrities or others, who are not typically perceived as Christians? 

 What's so special about celebrities though that even makes this a relevant question, is the real question. They need just as much guidance and council as our sister who’s getting a divorce or our childhood friend who thinks he's gay. I get "persecuted" all the time, but as Christian leaders, we've been built for this. We do what we gotta do; we help who God calls us to help. 

 Your journey is not over. I’m sure you have so much more you want to achieve. What’s in store for Dana Chanel?

 Sprinkle of Jesus actually has so many new plans to build the Christian business community in order to provide in other communities. Anyone out there looking to expand their territory is welcome to call and see how our services could help them grow. Maybe you can even be featured in one of our Sprinkle of Jesus commercials. Give us a call, 718-892-0760.


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