Today we featured Paloma who is an amazing artist!

Today we featured Paloma who is an amazing artist! She plans to push through the male dominated industry. Her passion for the arts is clear and speaks for itself.

How was your childhood? What shaped you into the woman you are today?

My childhood was unstable and my family didn’t have much to be able to provide at all. I was raised by my grandmother. After she passed away I spent most of my time moving house to house, from one sibling to the next. I am the 3rd youngest out of 8 children and although things were rough for me, it was way better compared to what my older siblings went through. Seeing my grandmother work hard to provide for us and also observing my older siblings struggle have played a part in the woman I am today. 

When did your love for the arts begin?

My love for the arts started in elementary school. In the 3rd grade, I picked up my first instrument and what I still consider my first love, the marimba. I was a musician way before I became a lyricist. Music became my therapy and a way for me to escape the hardships at home so much so that I learned to play four other instruments. Although hip-hop music is what I loved and listened to all the time, I didn’t begin to actually study it nor did I didn’t become infatuated with the art of hip-hop and lyrics until high school.

What are your current and future goals as a hip hop artist/songwriter?

My current goal is to perfect my craft and also tap into my true essence which I believe will eventually lead me to my true unique sound. My goals extend further than just being a hip-hop artist and songwriter. I want to be a light and help others in whichever way God sees fit. I may not even rap very long or make it far in the industry, it may not even be my full purpose but I do know that an aspect of my purpose is to uplift and encourage others and that’s what I plan to do. I’ve created a movement called “soulCRAC” that gives everyone a platform to show off what makes them happy, in others words their “soulCRAC.” The soulCRAC movement also focuses on self-love, self-worth, and much more.

Which artists do you look up to in the industry and why?

Some artists that I look up to in the industry are J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. I admire how transparent they are with their music and that’s something I aspire to do with my music as well. Other artists include Le$, Isaiah Rashad, and Kehlani. 

Hip hop is a male dominated industry; how do you plan to push through the boundaries? 

Even if the industry wasn’t dominated by males I would still aim to push the boundaries. I never felt as if the industry being dominated by males would stop me from breaking the boundaries or reaching my full potential. All I can do is push myself to continue to perfect my craft, stay true to myself, be consistent, and I believe all that I deserve will come to me. 

We believe you will accomplish everything you put your mind to. To learn more about Paloma visit her on Instagram @PalomaFinesse.